Friday, August 18, 2006

And now a Word from Georgia

Hello. It's Georgia. I get to blog this evening as Gemini is in a bit of trouble and has lost her computer privileges. She was afraid of the dog and was hiding even when the human pet (thank you for that lovely term, Zeus) was calling her and even feeding us some extra food! Now I know the pet just thinks that Gemini was terribly upset, but it didn't stop her from being upset for the few moments that she thought that she might have gotten outside.

So the dog visit is over. Finally. At my age, I pretty much feel I've seen most everything. I hiss at the dog and she avoids me. Chey just looked at her one time and she ran away! Talk about a power cat. I might even have to vote for her when the election comes around! I must show teeth and hiss and even hold out a paw to make sure the dog avoids me, but over all she's pretty good.

I did not get to go out and sun myself. I know it's because the pet was worried I'd run off and not come back until I was certain the dog was gone. She was right about that. I'm a bit on the old side for suffering yappy creatures gladly, not that I ever did. Still, it takes energy to hiss and spit and I had to be on my guard and at my age, again, I need my naps.

It's over and I'm thankful. The little cat is back and I have permission to swat her a few (and no doubt I will) to let her know she should have come out sooner.


Cecilia said...

Well, I glad the dog is gone. Hopefully you will now be allowed to get some sun.

Patches & Mittens said...

Thank goodness no woofies ever visit me. I would bite and scratch them and hiss too. I am pretty fussy about who can come in MY house.


paw search said...

We're searching for the next CAT Celebrity to add to our circle! :)

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Victor Tabbycat said...

Sounds like you know just how to handle that woofie, Georgia. I'd be hidin like Gemini and Chey.

DEBRA said...


It is so good to see you! We need to hear from you more often.

Woofies are NO good in our houses.
Thankfully ... no woofies here.


Latte said...

Whew, sounds like a crazy time! I'm very glad no woofies come to our house, I don't think I'd like them much at all.

Kukka-Maria said...

You're way too cute, Georgia. I say you should continue this Gemini punishment trend (although, if you tell Gemini I said this, I will emphatically deny it) and blog more!

K T Cat said...

What a gorgeous cat. It reminds me of my human's first cat, Cato. Or at least, the pictures he shows me of Cato.