Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chey is Fat

I love being the cat in the know. Cheysuli is getting fat. Momma noticed that her little tummy sort of sticks out on the sides like a little football. She says she's been eating too much cause we've been feeding Georgia more so Chey gets more. Anyway tonight Georgia wanted food and Chey was running around looking a bit chubby so Momma locked her in the bathroom while we got an extra can of food. YEAH!

Giggles. I keep telling tales about her, don't I? But it's so fun! She gets all the limelight and is always bossing me around so it's fun to tell about her when something happens. I told her Latte is a little cat and he won't like a gignormous fat old Meezer!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Tabby Tuesday

Oh so this was a photo that Momma had on her computer. One of these days she is getting upgraded and will have an imac that lets her be a pc or a mac and then she'll be able to have photos right on her machine! So there I am looking down at whatever she is doing!

The vet said to let this remedy work on Georgia. She seems stable and happy so we are letting it do that. Georgia does seem pretty content. Momma said it's harder for her than it is for Georgia as Georgia doesn't really seem to mind what's happening.

I keep headbutting her cause I like her so much but she's learning to just swat me away so that she doesn't fall over all the time.

Not Much

The Almost Dad got a new computer game and he played with an older one which started Momma. She said she lost the entire weekend and now her neck hurts! She's so addicted. She says in a week she'll stop playing cause she'll be bored and sick of it but for that week, that's about all she'll want to do.

I don't care. She has the game on the lap top so she's downstairs and I can sit with her while she plays. Also, Chey sits in her bed at her feet and then she sits on her sometimes but I don't mind.

Georgia is going to the vet this morning to see how she is doing. I hope she is doing well. Momma says we are into our fifth month of this and she is doing well. She is quite happy although Georgia is looking furry old right now. The vet emailed us back and forth all week 'cause of it, cause she wants a good remedy for her.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm Going to Hide

I'm hiding today. The girl who cleans is here and I hide.

Momma can't find me. It's my secret spot and I'm not going to tell anyone my secret spot. What if they find me? Then where will I hide?

I'll be out later to pounce on Cheysuli. People seem to think I shouldn't have said she fell off the bed but I don't care. I think it was funny that she fell. She can be furry clumsy sometimes.

Momma took some photos of my fluffy tummy earlier. I like showing off my fluffy tummy when it's just the people I know. I don't like other people and I don't really care to get to know them.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chey Falls off the Bed

Last night Cheysuli was cuddled next to Momma. Then all of a sudden we heard this noise. I was at her feet.

Chey rolled off the bed and had fallen between the mattress and the nightstand. She landed on her side on the floor. Momma was worried that she was hurt. I knew better. I pounced on her and we played chase through the house just to prove that everything was okay!

Still it was funny that she fell off! It was not very graceful.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What's that?

There I am sitting in front of some Christmas presents. Don't I look like I am just the perfect thing to be there?

You can see that our new bed was next to me and I probably was wanting to lay in it, except that I'm probably looking at Cheysuli, who will attack me if I do.

Momma was more up and about today. It was nice only sleeping on her and eating. It's nice not to have to nursse her back to health but I miss the cuddling. Humans ought to be sick more often.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Still Poking Along

We've got some good new photos over on the Almost Dad's computer but Momma doesn't feel good enough to go down and upload them.

I have been trying to get around and visit but it's hard to just get on the 'puter on my own and then Chey wants to hog it!

At least it's nice days to snuggle. Even Georgia has been snuggling! That makes Momma happy. This is a nasty flu she says. She's still not feeling very good and it's been almost four days!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Here is an older photo of Georgia that Momma found. She looks rather startled. She was in the old house where we could see into the neighbor's bathroom (you can see the window behind her!). Maybe there was something there that startled Georgia?

Georgia says it was a big house and she used to chase the Siamese who came before and the Big Ig kitty all over the place. Notice she doens't have a drippy eye or anything in that photo!
We are still worrying about her but she seems pretty comfortable for the moment.

Momma said she might have already put this photo up at another post but she knows she has some nice shots of all of us on the Almost Dad's computer but she didn't log into that yet this morning!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Oh Momma had another visitor this week. She is still here. You know what? I even came out and I smelled the chair she was sitting in! I was so furry brave.

She did not bring dogs though.

Of course, Georgia who is usually so friendly decided to hide from her pretty much the whole time. It made Momma sad. Georgia did get up and down from the bed this week, which made Momma happy but she still falls over a lot. We are hoping that she will stop falling over but are not sure that will happen.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Chey Has Winners!

oh I didn't win, but Momma said I couldn't. Cheysuli has winners over at her blog! Go check it out! Maybe it was YOU.

Friday, January 12, 2007

More Georgia

We took Georgia to the vet today again. She did not like the ride. Fortunately it was a little easier getting off our hill here. Yesterday efurryone was stopped on the hills 'cause they got stuck in the snow so it was quite the obstacle course, Momma said.

Anyway, Georgia seems to be doing slightly better and everything is getting better. She still falls over all the time and her head turns to the right and she doesn't want to move too much, but her eyes are dialating evenly, so that's a good change. They weren't last week. We hopes that means her remedy is working.

They talked to Momma some more about working on quality of life and they all seem quite concerned about her life quality and that makes Momma happy 'cause we figure if we lives to be 19 or so, then we've had all the quantity we need.

Oh! And Georgia and Momma were invited to join the 20 year old club which is a club for cats that that vet is starting up who are over 20 years old. Georgia's age is approximate but she's between 16 and 21 years old, so Momma always says she is 19.

I still keep headbutting her and knocking her over but now efurryone seems to realize I just want to rub all over her and headbutt her 'cause she is my most favoritest cat.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

All About Georgia

Okay, first off we got Georgia an aristocratic name!

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Imperial Majesty Georgia the Unhyphenated of Withering Glance
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Isn't it a good name? She does have a Withering Glance.

Georgia is back under the bed. She has been wobbling a lot. It's been a tough week for us 'cause she hasn't been doing well. The vet said to wait a bit for the remedy to work so we have been and she seems to be doing somewhat better, but it's still kind of a rollercoaster. Momma will be taking her into the other vet ('cause our regular one isn't in right now) on Friday. They think it's best and then the vet can examine her and see how badly she really is feeling and look and see if she thinks this remedy is helping or if we need to give her something else. It's hard to say.

So we've not been online too much 'cause we is worrying so much. I keep knocking her over but I wasn't as bad as Cheysuli who attacked her when she was getting her ears rubbed from Momma!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Georgia continues to be unsteady and I keep knocking her over. It's sort of fun, but Momma gets kinda mad at me. She got a new remedy from the vet for her and she gave it earlier today. Momma is worried 'cause Georgia is still really unsteady, but it took some time before she noticed any real changes from the other remedy so maybe tomorrow or the next day.

Also, Momma and the Almost Dad are getting married for real at the end of the summer. She said that was so many sleeps away, I probably couldn't even count them. I guess that means I'll have more than just an Almost Dad. I think he will adopt me officially.

Finally, don't forget Chey's contest! Get your entries in! There are good prizes! Remember, if you do a contest post, to post on her blog somewhere that you did it so she can see it and go to your blog and link and make sure she considers it for her final decision.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Bed

Here I am with the nice bed that Latte sent me being the rightest visitor! I like it. You can see why Latte thought of Cheysuli when he got it. It matches her favorite hat! She won't pose in it though.
I will.
We are still playing phone and email tag with Georgia's vet. She just wants to check in on some things with Momma but she will be sending a homeopathic home soon.

Friday, January 05, 2007


We have not hear back from the vet about Georgia. Momma said she would try and call them back today. Momma has been sick too so that we haven't done that much at all and hardly even got to visit any of our friends. I had to go make Momma sandwhich with the others. Me on one side and Georgia on the other and Cheysuli on top!

Anyway Momma has long day to work today and she's feeling a little better. She says it would be a good day to sit with me and just visit friends but she's got other stuff to do.

Maybe this weekend we will have something to say.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


We were ever so pleased and excited that Georgia didn't have any symptoms for several weeks after getting off the pred. However, last night Momma thought that her eyes weren't dialating evenly. She thought it might have just been the light. She saw it again this morning and the Almost Dad could see it to. She was sad that Georgia might not be fine.

She has called the nice vet to see when Georgia needs to go back in and be checked. They may be able to do something to treat that with homeopathics. We aren't sure why her eyes aren't dialating normally. We may have to have her blood drawn and have her checked for toxoplamosis. It's been stressful here and if she's harboring the disease, then stress could bring on symptoms. It's hard to say what's going on. It could also be that she really does have a tumor.

We'll see what's going on soon.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Old Photos

This is me as kind of a baby cat. See Chey sort of glaring at me? Yes, she does that. We were both trying to play with the feather toy that is lying on the table. In the back you can see a stuffed Siamese Cat. I learned to attack Siamese with that. Here I am still smaller than Cheysuli. Now I am much larger looking!

I'm still mostly hiding right now, but I'm getting better!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Efurryone! The Almost-Dad's son is here and so I am being furry quiet. Well, he's not here today, but he'll be back tomorrow for awhile. Chey quite likes him and even rolled around, letting him pet her tummy. I was furry surprised. Chey doesn't allow many humans to touch her.

Anyway I had a nice breakfast and am looking forward to a quiet day with Momma. She has to get some groceries for me and the other cats. Then she has to finish removing some of the Christmas decorations. I am sure I will snoopervise that last.

We had a quiet New Year's Eve. We watched a movie and all of us sat on Momma and the Almost Dad for awhile to watch. We don't all do that much but I wanted Georgia's attention and Cheysuli has been very cuddly lately. I think she's getting in the mood of being nice to folks for her campaign.

I hope efurry cat had a wonderful New Year!