Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween. I'll be back later to upload my Halloween photos--I HOPE

YEAH! Here I am with two of our pumpkins. One is even done!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

Okay, it was a furry long weekend. In fact, it was an hour longer this weekend! Momma had to go to a seminar about the "endocrine system" which is something humans have and it's furry complex. I don't understand it at all so I hope cats don't have one 'cause I don't know how anyone could understand all of that.

Anyway Momma was furry excited about it and was telling me and the Almost Dad and Cheysuli (and she told people who didn't know Siamese that they all had Liver Qi Stagnation--but I don't know what that is either!) and Georgia all about it. I just like that she was happy. I also like that the Almost Dad fed us when he got up because he didn't know that Momma had already fed us so we got an extra dinner! That was furry nice.

I like having Momma around but maybe she can just have the Almost Dad feed us all the time mid day?

Friday, October 27, 2006

An Apology and An Announcement

Cheysuli is apologizing to anyone who visited her main site (not the blog) in the last week or so because it managed to pick up some malware that was downloading a file that was caught as a virus. Thank you to Kukka-Maria for bringing this to Momma's attention so she could fix it.

Now the announcement. Cheysuli and Momma have been working furry hard to get the NEW My Siamese up and running and it's up now! YEAH. I can read more blogs again! No doubt they'll be re-writing paragraphs and such to get rid of the typos over the next few weeks but it is up and they are just trying to make the list of Chey's favorites look right in the browser window.

The big news is that we each have our own email now and don't have to borrow Momma's! Yeah. I feel so important. Georgia and I are actually sharing my email because it was too long to type Gemini and Georgia but she didn't think she'd get enough email to have her own so I'd said I'd share. Cheysuli wanted her own because, you know, she'll be getting lots of fan mail!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Monsters

I chased some shadows in the windows. I wonder if they are related to Latte's couch monsters and bed monsters. I don't think I'm big enough to chase monsters but you never know, huh?

Momma worked lots today and she is happy at how fast her practice is taking off in the new location. It was never this easy in her old home. I'm not sure I like it. I was looking forward to having her all to myself for a long time. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Snuggle Time

Oh I snuggled last night. The weather is turning a bit cooler and Momma is remaking the bed today (YEAH! I can help!!!) with the flannel sheets. Last night I even crawled under the covers and snuggled next to her.

It surprises her that I love to do that because I have so much fur. While I snuggled next to her tummy, Georgia was on the bed on top of the covers behind her knees. Momma likes that. Georgia never liked going under the covers, I guess. I love to hide!

Of course, as she was dropping off, Cheysuli came and pounced on me and we had to fight and then we started running all over the bed. That was fun. I don't know why Momma didn't like it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I almost forgot!

Oh I almost forgot to blog! I've been so busy purring for the Meezer's Mom, I nearly forgot to post. But here I am. Come purr with me for Sammy and Miles' Momma and her operation...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dinner and Pumpkins Oh my!

Oh I think we broke blogger this weekend at Derby's wild party! It got slower and slower and slower and then nothing...

I had to go help Momma get dressed so that I couldn't even say good bye. She and the Almost Dad went to a furry nice dinner. Chey was all worried when they were stuck on the bridge and she started thinking she'd have to hear the Almost Dad complain cause all her specialities are the things he doesn't like much. I'm sure that's why she picked those things to specialize in.

I don't have any cooking talents. I just eat my food.

Next week sometime Momma and the Almost Dad are going to carve pumpkins. I want to see that and see what they do! Momma said she wanted to carve a cat into one of them cause it looks better lying on it's side. It's a nice pumkin but it doesn't stand up so well. She got a little tiny one just for me! I wonder what we'll decorate that one as?!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Gemini's feral cat story

It is formerly feral Friday, but I just did a bunch of photos so I think I will not post another photo today. Efurry was so nice to comment but it's a close runner up. I think Momma kinda likes the little hat a bit better 'cause you can see my eyes.

I was sort of a feral kitty when Momma founded me. The day before she had had to put her Siamese kitty, Simone to sleep. Simone was a nice Siamese, Momma said. Any way that was only 10 days after she lost her big Iggy cat so she was really upset. She heard this mew. She went outside and couldn't find a kitten so thought I was with someone. But late at night she was woken up with this little mew. It was raining furry hard and she was wandering around her condominum complex in her jammies at 2 and then again at 4 in the morning looking for a tiny cat but couldn't find one.

The next day, after she fell asleep convincing herself that I must be locked in one of the garages, perhaps 'cause that was where they were keeping me, she looked for me at her lunch break. There I was, all the way across the complex, about as far from her condo as I could be, yet *she* heard me. She had to chase me into a corner before I would let her get close. I hissed and hissed at her but she just picked me up and said what a little puff ball I was and laughed as I tried to be mean.

I hid behind the toilet in the bathroom where she put me and hissed at anyone who would come in. I didn't recognize food so finally she rubbed some on my face and I licked it off. It wa good 'cause I was FURRY hungry by this time! And so I gobbled up the rest on her finger, slowly coming out from behind the toilet. I was so hungry I bit her finger but Momma didn't get mad. She just gave me more food.

Gradually I got bigger and started to get braver and went out to the big world of the condo and met Georgia. I LOVES Georgia. I run over to her if she comes in the room no matter what I am doing. She would always knock me over and bite on me but I loved it. I still love and still run over to her, though now she mostly ignores me. Once she got furry mad at Momma though when Momma accidentally stepped on my tail! Georgia came running into the kitchen where we were and glared at Momma and I rubbed my head all over Georgia for coming to my rescue as Momma apologized to me. Georgia gave her a big glare for some time and then she let Momma off the hook and left--but not before swatting me one!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Gemini a deux

Well, you they are making a fund raising calendar from cats in the blogsphere (but if you didn't, go to Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's) and we talked about it. Cheysuli had just released her own full calendar and was happy to loan a photo, though it's really not the same as a full calendar of her--and believe me it's not! I mean, I'm not being mean but Chey is a lot to take and you can't bundle her in one photo.

However, because of that, I get to choose photos to enter for the calendar! I decided to take a page from Latte and Kaze and say which photo?

I was quite the tiny kitten in the camo hat, but people tend to like it. It's on my catster page too! Then there is the one where I am snoozing, which Momma says is a nice one of me as I am older. Which do you like?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Nice Visit

Last night I went over and snuggled with Mittens. She seems to be doing well and is furry glad to be home. I figured out how to bring my favorite quilt, and Momma wasn't pleased to find her blanket gone most of the evening! Still when she found out WHY I wanted it she was okay.

We hopes that Mittens likes her new diet and starts getting better!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Scoop The Tabloids

Kukka-Maria, the Feline Empress and Super Sexy Feline recently went to Thailand to adopt a child. In the past, Kukka-Maria has waxed philosophical about her inability to reproduce, which was not her choice (but who knows, it could be a good thing?). She was in and out of Thailand in record time, with a lovely Thai (Siamese) baby after meeting with the heads of state.

Kukka-Maria left amidst a spate of controversy involving preferential treatment. Most people have to wait months for a child and the Empress waltzed in and wined and dined with some officials (as only she can) and suddenly she's adopting a child.

Further rumors spread when she has left the child at home with brother Brach while she galavants off to the Super Sexy, Hyper Talented Feline Convention (that hosts only her). While brother Brach is known as the more down to earth of the two, it is scandalous that so soon after adopting, Kukka goes off and struts her stuff while leaving the child with only a surrogate.

Child rights groups are up in arms, claiming that the Empress has purchased the child as if it were a house.

"I did no such thing," Kukka-Maria stated when pressed. "I am merely acting the way any good mother cat would. I'm getting away from the damn creature as soon as I can! It can eat on it's own! It washes it's own #$%^^!" It uses a litter box and COVERS for heavens sake. What else would it need me for? Now leave me alone and go pick on Madonna!"

Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Georgia!

oh look! It's Georgia looking out the window! She is feeling real good now that she has medicine. Momma is very happy that this last bit of time seems like it is good for her.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Gemini's Friday

I didn't blog this morning. I have discovered that this time of year there is some nice sun that comes through the window in the bedroom (not the neat new window) until about noon. I nap there, just a little bit under the bed and out of the way until the sun moves beyond that area. I really like it. It's my favorite place to nap.

Momma was reading today and she was downstairs and had the fire place on. I laid in front of that. I think I will like this heat machine thingy that she calls a fireplace! It's warm. Then I cuddled on the chair she was sitting on with Georgia. She took pictures and said we were cute and sat on the floor for awhile so we could enjoy the chair.

It was a nice afternoon. I was going to put up a photo of Georgia in the window, but the computer went to sleep and requires a password to bring it back up and Momma can never remember what that password is, so we will have to wait until either the Almost Dad sends the photo to OUR computer or until another day when she can get in!

Oh and thank you e-furryone for the good suggestions on those invisible bugs in the bathtub! I think I have them under control, but you never know when they'll be back!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Bathtub Bugs!

I'm in such a hurry to blog. I have to run! There are invisible bugs in our bathtub and I have to catch them all! Can anyone give me pointers?! I keep pouncing and pouncing and pouncing and I just can't seem to get rid of them all!

I'm getting tired!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I can see what Momma does when she's not in the house!

I love the window. I looked out at Momma coming home and saw her talking to the neighbor! It was fun. I know she saw me cause she waved and I got scared and ran away!

Still it was furry nice. I like sitting in the window. Cheysuli doesn't much, but Georgia comes up there with me now that it's getting a bit chillier and she doesn't want to be out so much. It's perfect for her because it's the right height and she can sit there and not worry about being outside alone.

I am furry happy.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finally! Me in My Window!

Oh look, I waited until late to go sit in the window so you can hardly see me. But there I am in my new window. Momma promised to make a nice little runner that I can sit on so that I"m not sitting right on the wood. We all like the window. I have photos of Georgia exploring it too!

Now I cna see out all over my yard.Momma has promised that next summer they will be planting things so that I'll have a nicer view and probably more birdies and squirrels. I love squirrels 'cause they have tails like me!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Weekend.

I had a furry good weekend. I got used to our nice new big window. Momma keeps telling the Almost Dad to get the camera together so she can take photos of us be he still hasn't done it. So I STILL don't have photos! Maybe some day he'll want the camera for something and he will put it together...

Still I rested a lot. Momma was gone most of the day on Saturday to a seminar, so we cats had the run of the house. The Almost Dad was home though and he took a nap. We like to nap with Momma better. Then Momma brought home a friend from out of town and they went out AGAIN, but I was glad 'cause I don't like strangers.

Sunday the went looking at window coverings for the window at night so people can't see in. Chey and Georgia and I were left alone AGAIN. I was getting lonely. But we got to look out our big window. Even Georgia kind of likes that and decided she wanted to do that rather than go outside this afternoon!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our new window.

Momma is furry excited 'cause we have our new window installed tomorrow. The camera is still being charged and the Almost Dad has the battery in the charger so Momma might not be able to post pictures right away but you can bet we will be exploring it--me and Chey for sure and maybe even Georgia. She doesn't like new things so much, but I think it's 'cause they might move and then she'd loose her footing and fall again.

Georgia is doing better and can sometimes blink her eye now. Momma is very happy about that 'cause that means she won't have to do the eye drops so much. However, Gerogia doesn't like her prednisone even though it's supposed to be tuna flavored and she likes tuna!

I should go take a bath and then nap before the window gets here tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Naught cat

I was a naughty kitty again. Georgia was walking over to me and I stuck my paw out and she fell. I didn't mean to! Momma is getting mad at me saying I'm a nasty little cat giving Georgia a hard time. She is surprised at me. But really, she wouldn't have fallen before!

The vet said her blood work was better than expected and she's started her prednisone which should help from some of the instability. It's something else to give her but Momma is hoping that it will help with the eye thing and that she'll be able to blink so we don't have to do so many of the drops.

I hope so too.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our Blue Wall

Awhile ago, Momma and the Amost Dad painted the wall in the living room. Here Chey and I are laying in the sun. On Firday we are getting the new window and then maybe we will get a photo of it too! I can't wait.

Anyway, the windows that are there will be gone, which is ehy they didn't worry so much about the ledges and got blue paint on them. The ledges will be gone. The little windows will be gone too and there will be a big "bay window". I am not sure how we will get a whole bay in here though. I wonder if it will have fish?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Gemini's Adventures

I had a nice weekend visiting efurryone. It was okay 'cause Georgia was enjoying herself under the bed and Cheysuli was keeping an eye on her.

Abby, Boo and Ping are coming to visit today and they want to purr pile with Georgia. She kinda likes her time to herself, but maybe we can all purr pile close to her but not ON her. I'd like that sort of pile.

Georgia was about the same Sunday as she was Saturday, so at least she isn't getting worse. Momma hopes that she is stable until she hears more from the vet. There is medicine that should make her feel a bit better--now if only she will take it. She hates that sort of thing. I rolled at her and tried to headbutt her, but I pushed her over. I didn't mean to be mean to her--I just didn't know I couldn't do that. I will hafta be more careful.