Thursday, March 29, 2007

Be Safe Momma

Momma says taht lately every time she takes a photo of me I look mad. She says I am getting an attitude.

Well if she'd quit doing what she wants instead of what I want, then maybe I wouldn't be so mad all the time.

This time she is going away to Portland and I will be here with Georgia, Cheysuli and the Almost Dad. It's not fair!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tabby Tuesday

I was so surprised when Momma took this photo!
I was going to bathe first and then she could take my picture but she was in a hurry.

Monday, March 26, 2007

We Need Your Help

The Menu Foods recall opened our eyes to a few things in the pet food industry. The first is that we didn't realize how many food companies farmed out their food production to another company. We would like to know who uses what food company. However, we don't know how to find that information. If anyone comes across information like that in their reading, could they post to think over at Chey's Place?

We're also interested in how food companies assure us of quality control. What things are they looking for? What aren't they looking for. How often do they look for it? Who actually buys the ingredients for their foods when they subcontract the production of their cat food. We are interested in all of this. We would really appreciate any information anyone digs up on these subjects.

Thank you furry much!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Roundup

We stayed home this weekend and had lots of good naps. Georgia decided to follow Momma around the house, perhaps cause Momma was gone working lots last week. She will be gone lots this week too but that's cause she has to go out of town.

She said the Almost Dad will take care of us when she's gone. I hope he's nice to me!

I got my new softpaws put back on. All of my last round had finally fallen off so now I have new little red toes.

We've been keeping an eye on Menu Foods. It makes us wonder how many pet food manufacturers there are as opposed to to pet food companies. Did that make sense? It seems like an awful lot of pet food companies used Menu Foods to make their foods. That seems odd to me and I want to find out more about it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's My Turn!

Yeah, it's my turn to blog about me. But you know what? I haven't done a whole lot of anything.

Momma is gone a lot this week so I am having a harder time keeping up on the goings on around the blogosphere, but then so is Cheysuli. However, Momma says it means we'll get more cat food. She proved it by stopping at the store on the way home and we got lots of cat food! I don't have to worry about wasting away and then being blown away like a tiny little fur puff.

If you haven't gone by Forty Paws and read about Davy, you might want to do so. These are hard posts to read but they are important for cat owners to know. We've certainly learned a lot about what to do if something like this strikes our neighborhood, although we hope it won't. Momma might get put in jail for doing to the perpetrator what he (or she) did to a cat...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Georgia Tuesday

Oh today is all about Georgia. She is over at Chey's Place and she is here. This is her sitting by the fire. She was sitting so close to the fire for so long that before she turned over, Momma sat there and held up the edge of the blanket so that the fire wouldn't burn her behind. Finally she decided it was warm enough and she turned over. I got to sit with her.

This was awhile ago, when it got cold and we got snow again. In fact, we might get some today too! And it's MARCH! Did you know, it never snows here, but never has happened about three times so far and maybe will happen again?

Yesterday Georgia got up on Momma's lap, with some help from Momma 'cause she can't jump on the sofa (Georgia not Momma). So I jumped up and sat with Georgia on Momma's chest. I headbutted Georgia and licked her ear and her side.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Did you see that I only got to blog twice last week? How many times did Cheysuli get to blog? Momma worries to much more about her blog than mine.
I need more attention. As you can see, I am NOT happy! I am showing her my "You are bad Momma, BAD," face.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pay Attention to ME!

I have decided that this is my new phrase. Momma laughs cause she had a friend who used to say that as a joke, but it's my phrase now. I mean I'm obviously much cuter.

Momma wasn't home today. She went skiing and so she didn't blog for me. She said the weather wasn't great. Low clouds, flat light and then some light snow or hail or something and perhaps even a hint of rain. She said the conditions were iffy. Some runs were icy. Others had a couple of inches of snow over VERY hard pack. Some of her favorite runs hadn't been groomed and that meant about 6 inches of heavy snow which made her legs tired.

She says that because the pass here is so low that it might be the last week with any decent snow as it will start raining there more and more. It was already turning to slush at the bottom by noon. She is worried that she won't get to ski too much more, but she is going to Portland at the end of the month and is thinking of going a day early to ski THERE. Do you think she likes skiing more than me?

She complained the whole time. So why wasn't she home to help me blog? I'm warm. I'm fuzzy. She doesn't have to sit in the rain with me. I like to have my ears rubbed just like Georgia. I think she needed to stay home. I am ever so much more cuddly than the skis.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My Georgia Update

Georgia got to go the vet and they took blood today. She said it was just a little stick. She is getting used to that place. They were very apologetic that they had to use a little rubbing alcohol to clean her neck for the stick! Anyway results should be back tomorrow.

Momma said the vet said Georgia is doing about as well as can be expected. She doesn't seem uncomfortable or in any pain so things are remaining as they are.

Momma said I am a little pill because I am a dominant cat just like Georgia and that I am becoming "socially mature," so I am trying to dominate everyone, even Chey! Anyway she also said I really like Georgia's attention so I am always tormenting her so that's why she is in the closet. Hmph! I just want Georgia's attention, cause she is more like my real Momma Cat than Momma is!!!

I am going to go headbutt her and push her over until she pays attention to ME!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

So we didn't do a whole lot this weekend. It is still raining here. I am very jealous of all the cats who have nice weather and can sit in the sun. I sat in the clouds in the window.

Momma and I tried to figure out how it is that I can be a tiny enough cat to get under the dresser that has all of about an inch of clearance and yet I can still fill up the entire side of the bed that she wants to sleep on. I don't know. I guess it must be a cat thing. Momma thinks perhaps I just flatten myself out and all the puff needs to go somewhere. I don't know. But that was our thinking for the weekend.

We had lots of good kitty food. Georgia came out from time to time but she seems more confused and was particularly confused last night. She went the wrong way to get some cat food. I don't understand. Anyway Momma is taking her back to the vet and we will see what they say this time.

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's Iggy!

Oh look it! BigIg featured Ping on his blog. He says that's cause Ping things I'm am special and sweet. I am so glad. He also told Ping about how he helped me find Momma!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wedding Update

Oh it's just so furry exciting around here. I was worried that Cheysuli would be a bridezilla but she's not. Of course, she's kind of bossy anyway, so maybe that's why we haven't really noticed any difference. Also, no one has told her no yet for any of the stuff that she wants. So that's good.

Anyway they have almost chosen the dresses. We are debating whether they should be plum or navy blue. See Chey and Momma like my dress in the navy blue better but the rest of the dresses they like better in plum. It's such a difficult decision. They want me to be in a different dress 'cause I am so puffy and the others aren't.

Well, at least I get to wear a dress rather than have to be an usher like poor Snap. Latte said she doesn't mind, but still!

I used to be silly in my litterbox

When Momma first got us the automatic litterbox, she was very impressed with my inventiveness. I used to jump in out of the litterbox to watch it move. Then I tried doing the same thing with the other litterbox and I was so disappointed that it didn't move around at all! Oh well. She thought I was very smart for thinking of that.

I love that litterbox because not only is it always clean and stuff but I can play with it. Georgia likes the ramp.

If you want to see the litterbox I have and read more about cat litterboxes, you can do so at Chey's litterbox page.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Was I ever that little?

Momma was looking at all the old photos of me and she said she couldn't believe what a little cat I was. She says my eyes are still as big and round but now I'm big and round and even puffier than I was then!

I don't remember being so little. Now I tower over that ceramic cat!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

What my name means

What Gemini Means

G is for Glittering

E is for Ebullient

M is for Magnificent

I is for Inspirational

N is for Normal

I is for Innocent

What Does Your Name Mean?

I found that from Tara. I think it's pretty good. Boy am I glad I'm normal...

Thursday, March 01, 2007

So Furry Much Going on

First off, with all the excitement, Cheysuli wants to apologize to Zeus. We've gotten that lovely gift box for winning Miss Litterbox and we have photos of us all opening it up and Georgia sitting on the award Chey got (showing her what Georgia thinks of Miss Litterbox!). We still haven't uploaded the photos though and so Chey hasn't blogged it about. We do want to thank Zeus though.

Anyway with the wedding plans and changing my blog and things we have all been furry busy. It snowed today here AGAIN. Imagine, snow in March! It never snows here, so Momma says. I am not old enough to know what never is anywhere!

In addition to not getting to thank Zeus, Momma has been busily working a site devoted to orange cats of a certain size. She has finally gotten it up here. She would like me to invite all cats who are ginger and of a certain size to be featured there. Also if you have something that is particularly newsworthy to these particular cats, please let us know. We want to be a resource for these wonderful cats. I was found by one, you know.