Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gemini's travels

I got home this morning and I napped and napped and napped. Wow! Traveling can be tiring! Still I had fun.

I visited Mistrie in the Big Piney Woods. Fortunately, Momma had read my blog and knew I was sneaking off and she packed water in my bags so that I didn't get too thirsty. I needed it because it was so hot there! We laid in the shade for awhile and had a good visit. She showed me some of her favorite haunts and we drank the water Momma gave us and nibbled at the treats. She is furry nice.

Then I went to the house and enjoyed the afternoon with Patches Lady and Mittens. We had fun eating the stinky goodness their Momma got for my visit and playing on the balance beam and Patches Lady gave me some good pointers for overall artistic components at the next catolympics. Then we all took a good long nap. I had dinner their and spent the night before heading off to Houston to visit Zeus.

His Momma thought I might be Phil at first, but then she saw it was just me and she was much more relaxed. Zeus showed me around his home but we stayed close to his home, even though he's a very wordly traveler. It was quite warm there too! He told me in depth about some of his travels around the country and I quite enjoyed it. We also had a good nap and then I was off to the Meezers for the evening!

Miles was quite nice and even let me have ham! I'm not a big ham eater so I only had a few nibbles and then made sure he got lots of it. I pretended to eat more so that his Momma would keep politely giving it to me and I would pass it to him! He's furry nice. Anyway the boys showed me how to play tub soccer and that was fun, even though I am not furry sure about the rules. I had never played before. Still it was fun. I showed them how good water can taste if you drop your catnip toy in it and let it soak...

Trixie and I had a nice long evening nap and then it was time to head home. I beat Momma because she got started visiting with a friend of hers and lost track of time! But it was fun trip. I didn't travel in cargo--I just teleported as I'm not nearly as brave as Zeus to fly in those big sky bird thingies that humans travel in! Still it was fun to get to learn all of this new stuff and I will have to teach Cheysuli and Georgia how to compete in tub soccer. Maybe we can be our own team next year!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Bags are Packed

So after the Meezers, Zeus and the Calico Girls said I could come visit while Momma is gone, that's exactly what I am doing. I will go to the Calico Girls first, 'cause they are the closest and I know how to get there because of the 'lympics. I will visit for awhile this morning with Mistrie in her woods and then hang with Patches Lady and pretty Mittens and maybe we can all nap together.

Tomorrow morning I will head down to Houston to visit Zeus. I hope he's home, but he must be planning to have a few days at home from his 'ventures. That will be fun to see his city. There are pretty flowers too. Anyway later in the day I will head out to Miles and Sammy's place and see them and Miss Trixie too! Then when it is dark, I will teleport home and then Momma will be back in a few hours--just as if it was a regular work day!

My bags are all packed and I am set to go as soon as she walks out that door!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Momma's leaving!

Momma told me she would be gone a couple of days this week. She is going back to her old job to see some patients there because her old office mate is in Portugal. That's a long ways away, she said. It's past where Fat Eric is! She knows, cause her old office mate's family lives around Penzance, which is probably south of Fat Eric.

Anyway that will leave me alone with the man for two half days and one whole day. I'm not sure how I will like that though. Georgia is not pleased because she'll be inside the whole time, pretty much and Chey doesn't care so long as she gets fed. I worry because I like my morning head rub that Momma gives me. Besides, I loves my Momma and I will miss her. She says it's not that many naps until she will be back though and she will be here all day today and part of tomorrow so she'll even help me blog!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Borrowed Blogs

Gemini is having a nap, so I thought I'd take this moment to upload a nice photo that I'll be using in my campaign. It's so much easier on this blog...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tales of a Pawprint!

About a week ago, Momma put down some of that double sided tape on the counter next to the stove. She hoped to keep some cats off the counter. However, last night she found a paw print on there!

The print is rather narrow and small. It had no fur attached. So we are thinking it didn't belong to me, as I have big paws and lots of fur. And I know I wasn't on the counter near the stove. That's a no no and I'm a good cat. Georgia rarely leaps up there and her paws are wide...

I guess that means Chey has left a paw print on the counter and she has been caught! Sneaking up there to lick off the food from the pans! Maybe if she gets elected, she'll be able to eat as much as she wants?

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Georgia

Hello all. I don't get a chance to post much. We older cats find it difficult to use this new fangled technology stuff. I'm from a day and place where we just meowed and chased each other and there wasn't this talking over the internet and things like that. You know, I even remember when the first George Bush was president!

Gemini is practicing curling on the bed and Cheysuli is doing whatever it is that she does on the phone. I think it's a call from Jane Fonda.

I want to say how much I enjoyed meeting Mistrie and walking through the Big Piney Woods. It reminds me of when I was a young cat and lived outdoors like that. How far I have come. It's still nice to get outside to lay on the front porch where the other cats can't bother me. The weather has been nice here but not too hot. I hope that the humans get this place landscaped as they keep talking about because I want some flowers to look at and sniff.

I just wanted to say hello to everyone and let the youngsters know that even I can figure out this technology stuff!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Gemini in the Morning

Momma's been working so much lately because her office mate is on vacation. That means I don't get to sit on her so much. So I go up and I sit and cuddle with her when the alarm goes off. She pets me and hugs me and I drool on her. She hates it when I drool, but I just get so happy.

Sometimes Chey joins us. I like it better when it's just Momma and me.

The man moves so much that I get scared and I leave. I'm sure he's the reason that I got that high high back flip though! He makes me flip all the time. I guess I am getting used to him Maybe next year, he will be a daddy. I keep reading about daddys and so maybe I will have one!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Georgia naps

Oh look it's Georgia, resting her eyes after our long weekend in the Big Piney Woods for the catolympics.

I was furry sad that I didn't win anything, but my Momma said that it was good that I tried and it's just in doing that's important, not in winning. Even if she doesn't really like Bode Miller's attitude, she says he is right about that.

We want to thank the Calico Girls and Beau and everyone that I don't know that helped with the catolympics. The food and lodging was wonderful. The people were friendly and I got to meet lots of new kitties! YEAH!

Now I'm going to go lay down.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm Feisty.

Momma and I are just going round and round abut that plant. I think it looks better with less dirt and she wants it to have more. I knocked it over again so that I could play in the dirt but they didn't know it was me for sure because I did it in the middle of the night. She told the man that he really needs to hang the plant from the ceiling so I can't get it. I'll find a way anyway. There are lots of things to climb on and I'm sure I can hang from the plant upside down like a squirrel if I have to!

I just think she's got too much dirt. I am only trying to be helpful. Chey says I have too much time on my hands if I am worried about dirt, so I chased her around the house. I am feeling very feisty right now.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Playing with Plants

I played with a plant on the bookshelves yesterday. Momma wasn't real happy when it fell down. She was glad it didn't fall on me though! She was mad that after I knocked it down that I played in the dirt and scattered it all over.

Dirt is fun.

This morning I knocked stuff off the dresser. I am getting the hang of this knocking stuff off. I like it.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Changing Windows

Momma has really cleaned up the room where I like to watch birds from. Now there is no place for me to sit! It's disappointing, but I have gone to the next room where there isn't so much stuff on the window ledge and I can sit there and look out too.

I almost got in trouble because I wandered into my favorite window over the kitchen sink--the one that sticks out and I feel like I am in the yard--and the man was home and I'm not supposed to be on the counter. However, Momma said that I just did because Georgia was outside and taunting me and wanting me to watch her (and it was true!) so I didn't get in much trouble.

I have been a good kitty practicing for the cat olympics. I can't believe it's so close!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Quiet weekend

We had a nice quiet weekend. We were furry quiet at Oreo's party because we were so tired from coming all on our own without Momma to send us off. Then Saturday, Momma had to work. Then she and the man cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and now one who room is just about clean. They put all the cords and neat stuff like that that could be played with away in one spot but I can't get into it! I am so sad.

Cheysuli got in trouble because they had pizza one night and she ate some of it. She's not supposed to be on the counter. Momma laughed but the man was upset. He put a Halloween mask that talks when you get near it on the counter but Chey decided to attack it instead of being afraid. Even I wasn't that afraid of it! Momma really laughed at that. I think Cheysuli might be winning in her war against the man! Momma doesn't get mad at her attempts to out smart the man, she just laughs now.

We were over at calico girls earlier to send purrs to Edsel's mom but blogger was down so we couldn't post. We will have to do that later.

Friday, June 09, 2006

A quiet Friday.

I am getting lots of rosettes over at Catster. I have more than Cheysuli! YEAH. And I am catching up on the number of friends I have. Also YEAH!

We are busy today. Georgia and I are getting ready for Oreo's party. Momma will be at work then and so we have to sneak away ourselves. Cheysuli isn't sure how long her meeting with Bill will go, but she expects that she and Sammy may have to teleport directly from Microsoft to the party. After all, it starts at 1 PM.

Momma got most of the books organized on a cool bookshelf so I no longer have my perch upstairs and I'm sad. She said she will put something back there but we aren't sure what. However I hope she does it soon. She said she couldn't do it right away because the man has to help her move stuff around and so it will be tomorrow. I hope so! And I hope she puts the blanket back on top!

See you all at Oreos!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cat of the Week!

OH OH OH!!!!

I was just notified that I'm Cat of the Week on Catster! Can you believe it? ME! Cat of the week! I can't imagine what I did. It must have been the publicity from the Amazing Zeus. Nothing else seems likely.

I'm so excited that people will be seeing me regularly! Oh boy. I just jumped right on to blog all about it!

I'm a Good Girl

Momma was busy already this morning. Someone knocked off a recycle bottle from the counter this morning and broke out stinky goodness dish. She was furry mad. She thinks it's Cheysuli because Chey was the only cat not around when she heard the crash. I'm not sure how that works but she says that's so. Cheysuli isn't talking. Anyway she got up this morning and was looking at her ebay bids--nothing for us YET but she was looking at some of the cat tree prices--and then went downstairs and cleaned the kitchen.

I helped. I nosed around in all the corners and found a spider that she wouldn't get near. I put my paw on it and it stopped moving. She said I was a furry good cat even though I was on the counter.

Any way just for that I got to blog first today. Well actually, it was because blogger was up and we couldn't blog earlier this morning. Cheysuli will just have to wait!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Licking ears

Momma says it's not polite to lick her ears at 5 AM. I mean she was just lying there. Georgia does it to me all the time. And it was dirty. Momma Georgia told me how important it was to have clean ears so I was just helping out.

So why did push me away and pull the blanket over her head?

Maybe she is still tired from her adventures with Zeus?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Today we had our furry big adventure with Zeus. Even Cheysuli had a good time, though she got in lots of trouble for stealing the swordfish. Momma is mad 'cause she isn't sure how to cook it and the man is gone for a couple of more days.

We gots to climb around on the big Space Needle and go to the first Starbucks and Pike's Place. It was furry fun. Momma wasn't sure why we wanted her to drive us from Starbucks to Pike's Place as it is across the street but that was in the clue so she did... it took a LONG time because traffic is so bad there. No doubt Phil wanted us to have a rest and we had a very nice rest in the car. It certainly helped when we watched all those fishes flying around. That was heavenly!

I'm off to nap and even Momma is having a nap because of all the driving she did! Chey is meowing at the fridge for her fish...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A New Bird Watching Window

This morning, just before the radio came on to wake up Momma, she rolled over and I saw her eyes open a bit. So I went over and purred at her and she petted me and I drooled on her face, like I like to do.

Then I heard something. We all did. She and Chey and I looked over and listened to something by the roof! Chey and I saw it at the same time and Momma saw it a moment later. It was a bird up by the eves! I got so excited I leaped over Momma onto the floor and sat watching it as it flew around outside the window. I chirped at it lots but it didn't come it. Still it was fun.