Saturday, April 28, 2007


Georgia joined the Sweet Sixteens!
Glitter Maker

This is a group for cats who are Sixteen or older. Georgia certainly meets that requirement. I'm glad she's found a place that can honor her as a good senior cat . YEAH Georgia!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy Weekend

Kaze and I are going to busy helping Chey address invitations. I mean there are over 10,000 of them. We knew a few people wouldn't come at all.

Anyway I have been resting up my toes because I bet they'll be tired.

Momma moved a bunch of dirt around today. It looks like a big litter box in the front yard and I want to go play in it. They are moving the dirt around so they can plant a lot of new plants and stuff. Georgia is quite looking forward to seeing what they plant. She is quite the outdoor expert. Of course, she hasn't been out much. She hasn't really wanted to go out much lately. Maybe if it gets nice like they say it will on Sunday she'll want to wander out while they are working.

Momma won't let Chey make Georgia work on the invitations. So Kaze and I get the brunt of the work. At least Kaze is fun.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunny Sillouhette

The other day it was actually sunny. We were so suprised because it hadn't been for so long. Georgia and I were sitting in our neat window lookinbg out at the neighborhood to see what was going on!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tabby Tuesday

It's tabby Tuesday but there are no Tabby photos today because the new photos are on the Almost Dad's computer and not Momma's. Momma says that by the end of the year she will have Imac that runs both Windows and Mac stuff and she can just plugin the software that the Almost Dad uses for uploading the photos from the camera and then she will have my photos directly. All the cat pictures will be here! YEAH! Then I won't have to beg her to get on the other 'puter and do photos for me.

I attacked a spider the other night. Momma is furry scared of spiders and so she was happy that I like to hunt them down and kill them.

Last night I attacked Cheysuli because she pounced on me for no reason. I was watching tv from my perch on the stairs and Chey just jumped on me and attacked. Later on, I attacked her and chased her up the stairs. That will show her!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

I had very nice weekend. We had sun here and I got to sleep in the patch of it. I loved it.

Everyone believes that Chey was the one who hacked up the vomit that the Amost Dad stepped in, so I am mostly off the hook.

Momma was so happy on Sunday afternoon because she was petting Georgia and Georgia decided to attack a fabric belt that was hanging off a hanger! Georgia played with it for awhile and rolled on her back grabbing it and everything. Georgia hasn't played in a long time. Momma says it seems like Georgia sleeps deeper and deeper now and often worries that she is slipping away so we are glad that even if she is, that she is a happy cat.

I am mostly a happy cat. The sun made me furry happy!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Floof Friday

Oh here I am being floofy. I don't think I liked having my photo taken. I was having a nap. Or maybe I was getting ready to attackCheysuli!

Anyway our Co2 detector decided on self test when Georgia was lying under it. I wonder if she pooted?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lilly Lu

The pink ladies are all rallying for Lilly Lu. We are dressing our blogs up in pink--but mine is already pink!

Anyway go say hello to her at her blog or at Mu Shue's!

Daisy offered us all lovely graphics but mine says it uploads but then I get a blank space where I uploaded it to blogger. I guess I don't get to do graphics!

Oh well, more room for purrs!

Oh Oh! Tara is also having a commentathon to help raise money to help Lilly Lu. Go by and say hello for Lilly Lu!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuxie Tuesday

Yes, I know Cheysuli is there too but it's mostly about me and my toy!

Momma stopped calling me Puffalump and started calling Puffalove instead. I like that much better.

I am not a lump.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Well Georgia had good day yesterday. We had catnip cake for Momma and I liked it. Momma didn't. Momma doesn't look any older than she did on Friday, so that's a good thing.

Chey had her wedding shower. It was a lovely luncheon at the Space Needle. Thanks to everyone who could attend. We had some lovely big names there too. Fortunately Kukka Maria and Oprah weren't there at the same time. In spite of the rain, the Space Needle had a wonderful view and we got to see lots of things as it revolved. Fortunately no one got dizzy.

Anyway, I am quite pleased with what I have accomplished. Momma isn't happy with the way my dress fits but I'm not sure what we are to do about it. We still don't have anything for Georgia to wear. She just looks silly in the Mother of the Bride dresses but she looks almost as silly in a bridesmaid dress too. It's tough to figure out what to put her in.

Well, I'm off to take a puff nap. It's still raining here but I can sleep under the blankets to keep warm too!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Happy Purrfday!

Momma is old today! Happy Purrfday to you Momma!

I let her sleep but Georgia woke her up 'cause I had her (Georgia) backed into a corner. So Momma got up and fed us--even Chey, who usually has to wait until lunch to share some food with Georgia cause Chey is too fat. She'll never get into her wedding dress.

Anyway I am off to make a catnip cake--I hope.

Oh and we noticed this morning that Luxor has been added to the Blogger's Choice Awards! Yeah Luxor. If you've not been over there recently you might want to go and vote for him!

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Here I am snoozing, just like last night. I was at the foot of the bed with Momma and the Almost Dad came to bed and started trying to move me with his feet thingys that go under the blankets. I attecked him good! I sunk my teeth into the blankets and grabbed the large vishus shapes with my paws. I did my best to kill them but he is bigger than I and he won.

So I left. I ran into Cheysuli and she called me Puffalump. You know I HATE that name! I am so mad at her. I think I will go and hide and try and forget that she exists and dream of handsome Ping!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday Downtime

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!Oh we got up to blog and see our friends this morning and our cable was down. I was furry mad. I wanted to tell everyone that Cheysuli had been nominated at Bloggers Choice Awards. Other folks have been too. If you go over there and sign up, you can vote for your favorite nominations and you can comment on them too.

If you see someone who hasn't been nominated and should be, you can even nominate them too. Wow. This could be fun!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Evil Wicked Geese!

There are lots of geese around here. The other morning they woke up Momma. They were honking and honking. I puffed up my fur and started to hiss. This really woke up Momma because she thought something was wrong and she went to check on me and Georgia.

She said that the geese made me puffable. I don't know what is up with her and making up puff words. Just because I will be First Puff when Chey is president doesn't mean that she has to come up with a whole new vocabulary!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lazy Weekend

Here I am, having a lazy Easter weekend. We got some new links on our side bar. Cheysuli got about halfway to her goal of comments this weekend (and there's still time until she gets a new meezer Monday post!)
I did not do any Easter candy hunting but I did look outside. It was very sunny outside. I like to lie in the sun and dream of handsome Ping!
I have to say though, Momma is getting a little silly on the nicknames. Puff Baby was okay 'cause it made me sound like a rapper. I hoped Puffin Muffin was a passing fancy. I really had Puffalump though. And what's up with Poofaloompa? Momma get real!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Updating Links

Cheysuli, BigIg and I are all updating our links. We now all have the same blogrolling link list. I think we have most everyone who visits regularly, but if we've missed you, could you please leave us a message in the comments of this post? When Cheysuli gets this post up in her blog, she'll be open to having that message too. You only need to leave one message because we are all using the same links!

We've been noticing some new cats around that we want to link to, but were too busy to do it a few weeks ago. We hope that if you've commented you could comment again if your name isn't on our links and we will add you!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What's that in the sky?

I sat all day in this warm spot on the floor. It was bright and well, quite sunny. It's been so long since I've seen sun, at first I didn't know what it was. Then my fur started to get all warm and I started to purr and I realized that this was sun and it was back!

Did you know that yesterday people just an hour north of us had an inch of snow? Just a few hundred feet up in our area there was a light dusting too! Imagine that in April! Remember, it never snows here.

Today there was sun. In two days it's supposed to be in the 70s, which is quite warm, I guess, but I never get to go out so I wouldn't really know. Still it's a very strange year. I hope that whatever it does that there is plenty of this sun for me to lie in. I like it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Wrapup

Well the Almost Dad fed us while Momma was gone. I even went up and purred at him on Sunday. He doesn't really like it when I stand almost on his head and purr. Momma does. She thinks it's sweet to wake up to a cat purr. He just thinks I'm noisy.

Georgia wouldn't go down and eat for him so he had to bring the food upstairs and he would lock Chey and I out of the bedroom so Georgia could eat all on her own. Georgia immediately came down stairs when Momma came home so she is okay. She had some good treats and got her ears rubbed exactly the way she liked it once Momma was home.

I'm glad she's around. Cheysuli says she will tell me all about the standing room only talks she had in Portland. I guess it was a very receptive city.