Friday, March 31, 2006

A Message From Beyond

I sent Gemini to mom. I think I can handle a minor cat stalker. He's a mortal cat,Kukka-Maria. While you might be the Empress of your domain, I am the late King of Cats. I could always handle anything feline related but as soon as I crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I became even more powerful. Have you ever tried to make the sound of a kitten mew extend for a quarter of mile and be loud enough to wake a human? I did. I can take on Stewie. Have no fear.

Yes, FC, I am still watching the bushes at the White House. However, you might consider having me watch the people in there rather than the plants. The people are much more umm.. unusual...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gemini goes to Work

Okay so Gemini is going to work. This is Kukka Maria's fault. She was talking about needing a place of her own and I thought that Gemini and her friends ought to start earning their own way... And so here is Gemini's first foray in to that.

She has a renter on her blog! Yes that's right a renter. Rob in China snapped up the space that we had to rent and I hope that all you cats out there want to see what's happening around the world. Oh, I'm sure that it's not nearly as exciting as what's new in catnip, what's happening with the feline empress (whom Gemini strives to emulate) or the latest in cat toys, but there are some great shots off food on the blog--keep scrolling down, kitties, you'll understand...

At any rate, as a regular reader (okay so we don't just talk to cats all day online) I was flattered that he wanted to rent one of my blogs. Hopefully you'll become regular readers too!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Georgia and Gemini

I know it looks like they are happy and having a good time but Georgia has a very heavy paw on Gemini holding her down. They are cute from this angle though aren't they? And who cares if they have a paw on them?

Monday, March 27, 2006


Lately the cats have decided they like each other. Perhaps it's all the playing and they are bonding well. The other night I went upstairs and all three were on the bed touching each other. Gemini had her head on Chey's back and Georgia was right there pressed against her back. Usually one is off by themselves but it's nice that Cheysuli is starting to fit in with the other two.

They are coming up on their big move and I"m glad they'll have each other for comfort. I wonder how loud they will be on the drive? Perhaps I should put in a poll..

Friday, March 24, 2006

Gemini in the Kitty Condo

I came home at lunch today and Gemini was half in and half out of her kitty condo. She was snoozing on the floor but it looked so funny to see her there. I have a photo but I have to wait to get it uploaded so I can post it. Technology!

I did find a way to get 30 seconds more time to make the bed after it's been stripped. I bury Gemini and Cheysuli in the covers that I'm not using and that's a quick game. At least I can get up to the flat sheet on the bed before they come back to keep me from putting the bed together. Maybe the bed is too neat and that's why Gemini was in the condo?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Belle is my friend Kathy's chihuahua. She enjoyed chasing the cats around. The cats weren't pleased. Chey kept coming back down and looking at her and then allowing herself to be chased back up the stairs. Under the bed, Georgia hissed and growled. Belle's learned to stay away from her as she's gotten her nose swiped.

Poor Gemini was frightened by the dog and hid on top of the dresser, as flattened out as she could get. I should note that poor Gemini is twice as large as Belle...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Georgia to the Rescue

Last night in the nightly game of chase between Gemini and Cheysuli, Chey had Gemini on her side. There was a small squeak or growl from one cat--it sounded to me like Chey--perhaps she was excited--and suddenly Georgia leaped off my lap and stood in front of the two with her front paws shoulder width apart, ears slightly flattened, but not so much to indicate she was threatened, but rather that she meant business. Had she been human, she would have had her hands on her hips and chin down down with her eyebrows raised and not smiling.

At any rate, Gemini took that moment to run under a chair slightly behind Geogia (but not directly behind her) and Chey decided to sit down, eyes down cast. Georgia stood there for a moment and I watched until I felt I wanted to get up. Then suddenly they were all in the kitchen with me as if the incident had never happened. I can't help but think that Georgia saw Gemini somehow threatened (though given that Gemini outweighs Cheysuli by at least two pounds now, I'm not sure about that threat) and stepped in to stop whatever was going on. I had to laugh at the posture. I also had to laugh that Chey looked like a child who had just been chastized.

I guess there's no doubt who rules the roost here.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Perhaps it's the weather and the sun. Perhaps it's just that they've been stuck with each other too long. I don't.

But lately, CHASE has been the name of the game. Gemini chases Chey. Georgia chases Gemini. Gemini chases Georgia. Chey chases Gemini. Chey chases Georgia. Georgia chases Chey. Gemini chases Chey and knocks Georgia off the sofa... imagine where that ended?

Silly cats are running amok! I have no idea what's gotten into them but every time I turn around (or rather look up) someone is chasing someone else. Unlike my beloved Simone, no one wants to play chase with me...

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gemini and Georgia

Here's a nice photo of the cats hanging out together. Well, maybe it's Gemini being a little rambunctious and Georgia putting her in her place.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cat Gods

Okay, no skiing today. Too much snow and it's snowing again--probably wet and heavy. I did however get some of the new links on the blog.

I had a thought about political cats... I think cats know that they are always in charge and they have no need to run in a popularity contest because each of them knows deep down that they are the one and only. Cats don't have presidents or leaders or anything because each one is certain that they are god.

Does anyone dare to question? I don't.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I skied Gemini

Okay so today up on the hill, where it was snowing AGAIN, I skied a run called Gemini. It's really a very fun run. Easy but sort of fun. It's not often groomed but I guess with all the snow they groomed it a day or so ago and not many people ski it. It was quite enjoyable. So I took my Siamese skis on Gemini... hmmm? I'm not sure what that says about the cats...

So it's supposed to snow again on Thursday so no more skiing this week.. I'll be working on the blogs. I want a blog roll to call cool cats where I can list my favorite cat blogs. Of course the cats all talk on these blogs and my cats have paws that are too big and I'm not nice enough to transcribe...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Gemini gets political

Okay, Gemini might be more excited if Kukka-Maria actually ran for office, but this is the next best thing.

I try to keep this interesting to pet lovers and keep my political stuff and my life stuff at my other blogs, but this is an important note. One of our fellow bloggers, Ken Granlund from Common Sense is running for congress.

I encourage those of you who live his California district to check out what he has to say (if you haven't already) and the rest of you to check out his website on his congressional run.

After this, I promise we'll get back to the important stuff like catnip and catnaps and everything cats...

Friday, March 10, 2006

Questions for cat owners

Well, Kukka-Maria over at Feline Empress comes by to comment and through her blogs, I found The Meezers, so I am hoping that perhaps they or Socks and Abby at Top Hat and Tails could answer a question. If none of the known experts know, perhaps there's an unknown expert out there.

Cheysuli is my chocolate point Siamese and to be honest, she's a bit strange. Siamese, I know are not always like other cats but she's different from any Siamese I've had before. She loves to roll. She's not shy and just being submissive as she rolls around showing her belly. She's just enjoying the roll. She'll let me pet her when she does that and sometimes someone else. However she'll frequently do that when you can't get close to her so you can't pet her. It's almost like she's petting herself on the floor or the bed.

She's not at all submissive and she and Gemini jockey for position of beta cat (Georgia is the undisputed Alpha right now) and will no doubt duke it out as Gemini gets older and we loose Georgia for alpha cat. She is very confident around people, but she does have a few control issues--she likes to check people out but will always stay just out of reach until she decides she wants to be petted.

The rolling thing interests me. She'll sometimes roll right into the other cats and doesn't seem to care if they are around. As soon as I come upstairs if she's on the bed, she'll start rolling around and showing her belly and seems to love to be rubbed that way. I am really at a loss as to what that behavior means.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cat Talk

It's almost dinner time for the cats. I notice that they all wander around rubbing against my legs around this time in the evening. Chey starts talking to me incessently. Then Gemini starts with her little mew. Then even Georgia chimes in. I work on making my dinner and then giving them theirs so that I can eat in peace.

However, I have noticed that this is almost the only time that they all talk to me at once. In fact, it's the noisest time in my household. I wonder, if I didn't have food would they still talk to me?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Cat Watching

I love to read. I love to read garbage, mindless stuff that doesn't mean anything. I love the delights of an otherwise boring woman solving murder mysteries because she's nosey--isn't that sort of an interesting juxtaposition of images?

At any rate things like this relax me. So I read one of these delightful little books this evening. I had the television on and the people were annoying me. I finished the book and put it down and watched and found myself getting annoyed with what was happening.

I have cats. The cats were all sitting on me, washing, napping, looking. Watching them, they relaxed me. The people on the television being annoying didn't matter. The cats were there. I remember reading that having pets lowers blood pressure. There is something meditative about watching a cat wash. They are so methodical and to them, at that moment, nothing else seems to matter.

So I become cat like in my watching, and sometimes pointing out the missed spots because in that moment, nothing else seems to matter either.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Getting Bigger

I swear Gemini gets larger and fluffier every time I see her! I wish I had one of those timer showing how fast she is growing... the numbers would keep turning and turning even as you watched!

I think I saw a cat who might have been her momma cat. There is a large very fluffy tabby cat down the road and she too had a rather distinctive fluffy tail, so I have to wonder if thise was the cat who gave birth to the tiny kitten. There aren't many tails around that are all that fluffy!