Friday, April 28, 2006

I should pracitce more

I read Miles' blog about Grandma Trixie teaching him to stare. When my mom came home, I tried it after she was in bed for awhile. I looked at her long and hard. She looked back. Then she said that she knew I had read the Meezer's blog about staring but she could stare too and so she just looked at me without even blinking her eyes for a very long time. I was so embarrassed I had to leave.

I thought staring would be easy but I guess not. Maybe I should ban her from reading what the other cats say?

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well I've put my paw in. Everyone says I am quite good a balance beam. I hope I haven't been too traumatized by this whole move thing and then Mom leaving for a few days. Georgia tells me she promised to be back and I seem to remember the not tomorrow or the next day but the day after that... And that would be today. I don't see her!

She's not under the bed. She's not under the desk or the other bed? Maybe she's in one of these boxes. Perhaps I should start opening them and explore them? I want my mommy!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Have I been abandoned?

She took me here and then she left. Where is she? I want to be home with my Mom!!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Still Hiding

Gemini is still under the bed so I am taking over the writing of the blog. She was just getting used to being here when the woman had to head back to the old home and do some stuff. Gemini will be freaked out again when she realizes that the woman isn't here again.

I find it annoying that we have adopted another human (this one male) and I am not getting any more ear rubs. I think that two humans should equal twice as many ear rubs. After all two humans are more than twice the work! To top it off, this male human has a pc rather than a mac so I am having to learn a whole new operating system. I am not a young cat any more. I want the mac back!

The yard is nice. Squirrels have been promised...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hiding Cats

Well, Gemini is allowed to blog, but she's still under the bed. She's under a different bed this time. I guess that's an improvement.

Chey is having blog troubles and I'm not sure why.

Georgia didn't have much fun moving (and in fact urinated all over me when I put her in her carrier) but she is settling in. Cheysuli gave me a merry chase to avoid the cat carrier but is now settling in quite well, though she won't let me out of her sight. She was mostly quiet in the car, though she did start yowling in Kalama. She says it was political commentary on the Trojan power plant, but I think she really was rather nervous.

Hopefully Gemini will be out to blog soon and know that she still has her online friends no matter where she lives.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Moving Day

Mom said today was moving day, so I jumped in her suitcase and squeezed myself in. She took me back out. I hope she's not leaving me behind?!

Georgia told me that we will have our own suitcases to go in though so I'm a little less worried. She took the blankets that I like to play on and has a different one on the bed right now. She is coming back next week for a few days and I will stay with someone else at the new house. I'm a little worried about this. What if he doesn't like my singing?!

I guess I can practice in the car. Georgia tells there are great accoustics in the car.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Parties and Stuff

I asked Mom why we got into trouble, when things weren't that messy. I think she was mad that I had the party without her. She was up in another city, all alone, missing us and we were partying without her and without supervision. She said she would plan a day when we could invite all the blogging cats in and we could have a supervised party too. She isn't sure when because of the move but after we settle in, she thought a cat housewarming would be good.

More hokey pokey guys! YEAH!.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Day After Easter

I woke Mom up bright and early this morning with my singing. It was her one day to sleep in this week so she didn't. She's rather annoyed with me. However, you know she took my blogging rights away yesterday. She said it was because of the party, but she also started playing Civ...

At any rate, I'm hoping to be a success renting my blog, so if you haven't visited my renter, go do so. I haven't got all that many clicks and I'm hoping to keep renting this out so Mom gets that I understand this working thing. She thinks the being a singer thing will pass because I don't have the discipline to keep a job. I want to prove her wrong!

Have a good day after Easter everyone. I'm going back to sing some more.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cat Cleaning and Rescue

While Gemini and Georgia start cleaning up after their party, I thought I'd offer this post (in case any of you missed it) Be careful kids-

NYC Cat Finally Rescued After 14 Days
By TIM McCAHILL, Associated Press Writer

Sat Apr 15, 7:24 AM

NEW YORK - After 14 days trapped in the innards of a Greenwich Village building, Molly the cat finally emerged wearing a look on her face that said, "What's all the fuss about?"

As a crowd of reporters and onlookers jostled for a glance, the 11-month-old black cat appeared docile and unscathed despite her ordeal, which came to a happy end on Friday after a volunteer pulled her to safety from a crawl space.

"I think you'll all agree that she is in great shape," said a proud Peter Myers, a delicatessen owner in the building who kept Molly in his store to catch mice.

Molly's distressed meows _ audible from the sidewalk outside the building _ became international news, and rescuers worked almost around the clock for her safe retrieval.

The activity began after the cat wandered into a narrow space between walls and got lost in the building's complex network of beams and pipes.

Those involved in the rescue effort drilled and hammered out bricks in the cellar of the 157-year-old edifice, trying everything from special cameras to traps to locate her and get her out. Kittens were used as bait to appeal to Molly's maternal side. A pet psychic and self-described "cat therapist" even stopped by to offer a hand.

But in the end, it was good old-fashioned elbow grease that got the job done.

Rescuers drilled a hole in the wall from inside the store, cutting through layers of brick to get to Molly, said Mike Pastore, field director for Animal Care & Control of New York City, a private organization with a city contract to handle lost, injured and unwanted animals.

Animal Care & Control will set up a link on its Web site for people to donate to help with repairs at the deli.

Molly was finally retrieved by Kevin Clifford, a tunnel worker at a project nearby who had been volunteering for the rescue effort.

"I gave what they needed, and lent a hand to it," he said.

The animal didn't come easily at first, said Pastore.

"It was twisting and turning, paws were flying everywhere," he said. "It took a little struggle to put her back in a cage."

Molly's first meal? Nibbles of roasted pork, sardines in oil and water, Myers said. Hearty fare, but perhaps not surprising for a feline who spends her time in Myers of Keswick, a deli specializing in meat pies, clotted cream and other British food specialties.

"I'm amazed at how well she looks," Myers said. "She always was a fit cat, otherwise she wouldn't have survived 14 days in that hole."


Friday, April 14, 2006

Party Time

Well, Mom's gone so it's party time! I'm surfing all the sites I want to and Chey will probably be up all nice with the box...

I've got some tuna for snacking, a few crunchy treats, some ham (yes Meezer boys) and lots of feather toys (Chey loves those). I considered hats, but it's Mom's birthday today and I figured it would be way rude if she had to come home to too much of a mess!

Georgia is napping in preparation. Chey is making sure her outfit is just so. I've got the karaoke machine on and I'm working on my favorite numbers from the CATS sound track. I personally love Rum Tum Tugger's song.. but I think Memories shows off my range a bit better. Of course, karaoke wouldn't be complete without YMCA and I will Survive...

I hope I have enough catnip. I have organic and regular. If I give Sammy and Miles enough, I wonder if they sing "We are Siamese if You please," from Lady and the Tramp... I hope Georgia remember to run down the way to invite 8 Ball, our neighborhood tuxedo. So much to do!

Come on over guys--the party's ON!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

An Open Letter to My Human

This is an open letter to my human from Georgia. Gemini has been kind enough to let me use her blog to air this grievance, as it appears that other cats get good results from such things.

Dear Bean,

I have few rules in the house. You have explained that no other cats would not be a rule you could follow and that I would have to leave if I didn't agree. I can accept that. I can even grudgingly accept that you had to have another Siamese.

My other rule is: NO DOGS. EVER.

No big dogs. No little dogs. No chihuahuas. No Belle. Nothing that barks, period, ever. If you could stop watching television shows where dogs bark, that would be good.

It is not cute when I growl at Belle. It is not cute when I hiss at Belle. It is impolite to laugh when Belle yips because I have had to slash my paw towards her nosey little nose. I am not playing. I am going after a kill. I am bigger than she is. Heck, there are rats larger than she is. I could take her but I know you would be upset if I took out her throat. To this point I have held off.

However, twice in one month? This is getting a bit too much. There are few things all three of us cats agree on, but this is one of them. NO DOGS. NO CHIHUAHUAS. NO BELLE.



PS If you don't listen, I reserve the right to take out the Siamese as revenge.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cleaning Day

Yesterday I had hoped to sit on the railing of the loft and sing up there. The accoustics are great. And if Kukka Maria has a video that she's looking for a singer on, I want my voice to be perfect and I want my song to sound good....

Mom had scheduled the cleaners for the house. We thought they'd be done in a couple of hours. These people were very thorough. They even got the hard water deposits off the toilet (whatever that is, but Mom was sure impressed--she says she's worked on that and spent a fortune on that and not succeeded). But anyway they were there most of the day and I hid under the dresser because they were noisy folks. Georgia was under the bed and Chey was there too, but sometimes Chey would go watch for what they were doing from the top of the stairs.

So I didn't get any practice time in. I hope that the house where we will live has a good place to sing though. My voice carries so nicely up on that second floor railing that I would hate to loose that area to practice. This morning I sang for Mom while she was brushing her teach from on her dresser in front of the mirror--I need to perfect my poses too. She liked it but it just didn't have the sound quality that the railing does...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Working Cat

I'm a working cat again. I have another renter. Haunted House Dressing is here renting space. I think Haunted Houses are scary but it doesn't seeem to scary of a blog once you get past the gray trees. He says that toasters run free there. I wonder what cats do there?

Georgia and Chey have been on me to be more myself. Georgia says it's okay to admire Kukka Maria but I should stop trying to be her. See but I want to be famous like Kukka! I want Oprah to call me for interviews. I want to be called when Katie Couric steps down.

Still Chey has been on me about what I love. I think what I love is that I want to sing. I love to sing, particularly in the morning about 6 AM and I go up the stairs to the landing where my voice carries the loudest and I sing my heart out. I wonder how I go about getting a record deal?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Cats are Nice

After Chey was so mean to me, lots of people came and told me that it was okay. I'm glad. Mom also spent lots of time on the computer saying lots of words that I'm not supposed to use to fix the comment problems on Chey's blog... Well now people can comment there I guess. I'm not sure why they would want to. She doensn't listen. Even Mom says she's the most stubborn cat ever.

Now maybe I can join the tabby ring because Georgia told me that I'm a tabby cat because I have stripes!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gemini's First Post

Mom decided to let me post because she is letting Chey post over at her blog. I might get to post over there too. I hope so.

She decided seeing she has other blogs to write and lots of stuff on other blogs that Georgia and I could take care of this one. I hope Georgia doesn't want to write too much. I like this.

Friday, April 07, 2006


The cats are thrilled. They will not be moving for another two weeks. Things got changed because of a family problem and they would be left alone for two nights and I felt better having them here with a reliable cat sitter they are familiar with.

My cat sitter really loves the cats and I think she'll miss Gemini more than she does me. I don't think I could have moved when I had my Siamese, Simone because she was devoted to Simone. She was more upset than I was when Simone died. I think I was just in shock though at the time.

It's funny how in the course of things you start thinking about the stuff you take for granted. I've never really taken having a wonderful cat sitter for granted but now I know that I will miss having that. I can go out of town for a day or two but know that if an emergency comes up someone who cares as much for my cats as I do will be there to see to it that they get fed. That's my biggest worry is that for some reason I wouldn't get home at the arranged time and they would get hungry or their litter box would get over full or something!

Kukka Maria may love to travel (if she could get out for spring break) but Gemini and her gang would rather just explore their home area and know what's predictable. Perhaps I should have taken her out more as a kitten? Hard to say. They like watching squirrels and jays outside and they will have more of that at their new home. There is the big tuxedo cat that wanders around named 8 Ball and they all like to get their backs up at him. He presses his nose against the window and looks in and just stands there while they act all huffy. I wonder what he thinks of their reactions as he saunters off?

Ah life as a cat--now they have no worries for a few more weeks...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Moving Day approaches

Gemini and her friends would like to thank all her blog friends for their comments.

We'll be a little haphazard with our blogging for the next few weeks as we get settled into our new place. The girls get to ride for three hours to their new home this weekend and the computer will have to stay behind until the next weekend. I have the joy of moving slowly and working two jobs--one in one city for a day early in the week and then one in another city later in the week for a day or two.. sigh.

We'll all be in chaos for a month or so and I'm not looking forward to it. I suspect the cats will thrive. They will have love and food for the times I am out of their town and that's a big reason they are going when they are. Another is that in selling my property, I won't have to worry about someone letting them out and the buyers don't get the cat litter smell they might get if they were still living here.

Like cat litter smells... Hmm. We clean it regularly...! We'll look forward to seeing you all more regularly and Gemini will be posting when she can get her paws on a computer so everyone knows that she's okay. Maybe she'll even be able to fit those large kitten paws on to a new keyboard...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Georgia has definitely decided something is up with the possessions slowly traveling out of the condo. I have assured her that she won't be left behind but she keeps a very close eye on me, particularly when the boxes are around. Gemini and Chey don't seem to understand what's happening, though they enjoy jumping in the newspapers and packing stuff that is always lying around now a days.

I have the bed blanket set to go with them, the afghan that is on the sofa, their food dishes, litter boxes and everything. They are going next weekend and then I'll be down at this place for only a few days a week. They'll be fine up there and well cared for though I know they will miss me.

We'll all be happy when this has settled down.