Saturday, September 30, 2006

Georgia Update

Gemini was nice enough to let me use the blog to let all the other kitties know what's going on with Georgia.

Through the day yesterday she seemed to become more unsteady and then this morning before the vet, I noticed her eyes were not dialated evenly. This is nearly ALWAYS a bad thing. I had one cat do that when she knocked her head really hard, but I SAW the accident and it went away pretty quickly, lasting only a few hours. Given the other symptoms were either pain in the rear legs or something neurologic, the uneven dialatation signalled something really bad.

It turns out that the vet is fairly certain that Georgia has a brain tumor. The prognosis is probably two to six months, depending upon the type and how aggressive it is. They are doing blood work and will decide upon steroids or antibiotics when they get the restults back. The care is palliative, of course.

These vets have just been wonderful here. They actually take me seriously about all my cats and seem very concerned on making the pet as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. At my vet from my other city, I have no doubt I would have been sent out with steroids to see if they helped and some fluids and no real hope or concern for me and my cat.

No one brought up euthanasia at this time, because Georgia is so obviously pretty content. She eats with an appetite and she drinks plenty of water. She is much more unsteady than she was 24 hours ago. Her attitude is good, though she seems confused by her body's strange responses, or lack thereof, when she wants to do something.

We have a split level home and later this afternoon we'll be out to get a baby gate so she can't fall down the stairs. We've moved the litter box upstairs for her too and I will feed her up here. If she seems to want downstairs, I can carry her.

While the two to six months is an estimate on her time, if it turns out to be a lymphoma, rather than the more common brain tumor, it could be faster. Of course, the quality of her life is certainly the biggest factor. The vet has hopes that if there is inflamation, the steroids should make it much easier for her to function but relieving that.

Right now Gemini and Chey are sleeping on the bed with her--though I have to get back to go read on the bed, as I think she will hurt herself if she tries to leap down, her legs are so unsteady. She definitely needed help to ON the bed.

Gemini seems perplexed about why Georgia isn't swatting her when she rolls on her side and head butts her--this was always a signal that they would play. Cheysuli seems much more aware of the seriousnes of the situation and has been surprisingly gracious through the last ordeal.

My other Siamese was that way also. I thought she hated my Iggy cat but when I had to leave him at the vet once, overnight, she couldn't be comforted. When he returned, she took a swat at him and turned tail and left! I suspect that if Georgia were to make a miraculous recovery, Chey would do the same--though I there seems to little reasonable hope that that will happen.

Chey and Gemini will keep the cat blogsphere updated on Georgia's progress and what's happening, as I don't think she'll be feeling up to blogging soon. It's hard enough for their big old paws to hit the right keys and she's having enough trouble just placing them to walk a semi straight line.

Friday, September 29, 2006

I like my carrier.

Oh Momma I want to go see the Meezer's Momma and purr at her so she feels better. Then I need to visit with the Calico Girls 'cause their Momma had the operation. Then I want to go join Kukka-Maria on the Amazing Race!

Oh and then can I go give Sanjee's Momma a kiss 'cause her suggestions are keeping Cheysuli so busy on her blog? Chey hasn't had any time to bite at my fur..

Oh, and this picture was BEFORE the house cleaning girl came. It's always this messy though.
Is that Cheysuli creeping up behind me?! ACK!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I had to Hide

Momma was working this morning and then the cleaning girl came in. She is furry young but she doesn't smell like my people so I hide.

Anyway she wasn't feeling well so she wanted Momma to pick up for her to clean! And then she wondered if she could just not clean this week--no charge of course, but this is the third time she's tried to get out of cleaning and Momma said no. We realize that with three of us kitties and the Almost Dad and Momma doesn't like to clean much that it gets pretty messy, but she does get paid to clean up! She can always charge us more if we are too messy for her.

Momma was not happy. She was going to work with Cheysuli on the new website and to edit photos for tomorrow but she had to clean up for the cleaning girl!

Then I didn't get a chance to blog. And now it's almost time to get out and play for the night! Oh well. I had a photo I wanted to upload to but Momma can't get into the Almost Dad's computer where they are, so we can't upload them.

It's just been a weird day so I think I will go nap until it's time to play when the sun is fully down and I've had some dinner.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Chey is tired

Oh I had to laugh. I didn't get to blog earlier 'cause Momma was making Cheysuli rewrite her whole website.. the site not just the blog. See Sanjee's Momma said that maybe the site would work better if Cheysuli wrote it and so Momma sat Cheysuli down to write.

Chey wasn't happy AT ALL. She did say she could sell cats to mice but she shouldn't HAVE to do that. Anyway I didn't think mice used computers so I don't know why she would want to sell cats to them.

So I had to wait until Chey just worked her little toes to the bone and Momma decided she could go take a nap. She is one grumpy kitty right now. I think it's funny. Thanks Sanjee's Momma. Now I can rest 'cause Chey is too tired to bit my fur...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Momma is a bit worried about Georgia. She hasn't been herself lately. She's not sick exactly, but she does have a little feline acne under her chin. Momma says that's nothing to worry about but does indicate that her immune system might be slightly compromised. We put some H202 on it and that should help. Georgia didn't mind hardly at all.

She also needs a pedicure, but Momma hates to bother her when she's already feeling a little bit of a slump. It started when the weather got bad and she had to stay in the house all day. Actually she didn't have to stay but she wanted to. Then she seemed to be off her usual self. Momma says it's nothing to worry about but she worries.

Georgia even told me it's nothing to worry about but she'll get extra 'tention and special treats until Momma has something else to worry about.

Monday, September 25, 2006

A busy weekend

Momma's been wanting to paint the living room for awhile. The man decided that this weekend was a good time to do it, 'cause it's only a couple of more weeks until they get the new window where I can look out and around and that way they won't have to worry about getting paint on the trim. So anyway they moved furniture and painted.

Cheysuli supervised from the stairwell. Georgia took the opportunity to nap. I snoozed in the sun from the window as it was a furry nice day. I did help Cheysuli supervise but we didn't get into the paint.

At first Momma thought it was too bright but then after the second coat it got much darker and more the color she as thinking it would be. The man had worried that the really dark color she liked would have been too dark so if he doesn't like the color she will tell him it's his fault that they got the lighter color!

Then that night, they rearranged the furniture so it will show off the new window better. I guess I will be the center of attention when it's in and I sit there and look out huh? Oh, the bad part about the wall is that it's blue. It doesn't match me at all!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cat karma

Cheysuli was saying that catpuncture was invented by Siamese. She said I probably knew when to take out Momma's needles last week 'cause I was probably a Siamese in my last life but I had bad karma and came back as a puffy cat instead of a Siamese. I feel sad.

Chey said that it's not so bad. At least I'm a cat. If I had been really really bad I would have come back as a dolphin or a dog! Imagine--ME a dog! And then she said that if I were really really really bad I could have come back as an elephant or as a bumble bee. My eyes got so big! Imagine me being an ELEPHANT! A big puffy ELEPHANT! Of course, Chey reminded me that if I were an elephant I probably wouldn't be so puffy.

Then she said if I had been just horrible I might come back as an ant or a spider. Oh how I love to kill spiders! I wouldn't have a furry long life as a spider.

And Cheysuli said when cats do the worse of things, but she wouldn't even explain to me the bad things cats had to do, then they came back as humans.

I said "NO! Momma is so nice to us. How could she be that bad?!"

Chey just shrugged and looked enigmatic.

"Can we purr for her to have better karma," I asked.

"Of course, Grasshopper," Cheysuli said, a hint of a feline smile hovering around her face as she did her best David Carradine impression. This was lost on me as I'm too young to remember David Carradine in Kung Fu.

"It seems like a big leap to hope that she can be a cat or a dog. I will purr that she will come back as a big old Cricket!"

Momma walked in and said, "A Cricket?! Thanks. At least you aren't praying I'll be a dung beetle in my next life."

"Oh Momma," I said, "Would you rather be a dung beetle?"

"No," she said. "I wouldn't rather be a dung beetle."


"You know, Gemini," she said, "A human teacher I had said cats are just lamas on vacation."

"Llamas?!" I said. "Do they take a vacation from spitting?"

"No Gemini, not llamas, lamas. Like the Dalai. You know, a spiritual master."

"Oh. So I could be a spiritual master?" I said.

"You could indeed be one, Sweet Little Puffy Cat."

"But Momma," I said, "I don't spit. So it's still a vacation from spitting."

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Oh the Almost Dad got some new golf clubs. It was a fun box and I had to explore. I like it that he likes to golf 'cause he's been putting in the house and I can help return the balls.

Cheysuli just lays between him and whatever he is using to mark the hole so he can't put. I like to watch the white balls role and then I got to check them out when he stops hitting them for a minute. I am a big help.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A quiet day

I hope that efurry thing is okay in the Big Piney Woods. I think I will go over there later on to check on Mittens and Patches and Precious and Mistrie Rose seeing their Momma is having surgery today.

My Momma is going to vote and I'm sure Cheysuli will try and vote as well. I can't wait to see what happens to her this time! It's raining again so maybe when I get home, Momma will have the fireplace on and I can snooze beside it!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Morning Report

Oh so I had a furry nice weekend. I could have liked to have pulled more needles out, but that's okay. Momma INSISTS she knows better than I do.

I watched the Amazing Race. It wasn't as good as The Amazing Zeus though. I waited and waited for them to give Zeus a cameo seeing he visited Seattle. Cheysuli didn't think they would 'cause thought they would have wanted her as well and no one had called. I hoped that she was wrong. After all, Zeus brought them tons of fame! His show was so well done and I'm sure there are tens of people who didn't watch the race before who are now watching it because of him.

I was quite distressed to see that TWO people got eliminated from the race on the first round. It seems like it could be a short show. They can't just keep eliminating people and still have something to watch. Of course, perhaps they will bring in Zeus!

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Momma wasn't feeling well today so she gave herself an acupuncture treatment. She doesn't like to do that 'cause it's better if someone else inserts the needles, but she doesn't know anyone well enough here to come and give her a treatment just out of the blue. It was nice at the other place 'cause a lot of her good friends were people from acupuncture school who had settled in the same area and she could do that.

She first started putting them in and laid down 'cause she wanted to needle her tummy and Georgia came and laid on her legs. Then I laid down next to her. When she was done, Cheysuli laid on her chest. When it was almost time to take out the points, Georgia got up and left and I came over to pull them out with my teeth, 'cause I knew it was time to be done, but she stopped me. When she finally pulled them out, I left 'cause I am a big help pulling them out and she wouldn't let me!

Cheysuli left last. She had moved to Momma's legs when Georgia left. We all felt we gave her a good healing treatment and she thinks that it's too bad that many people wouldn't like it, 'cause 'catupuncture' would be sure to catch on.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I was laying around looking bored because Momma was going off to market herself (I hope she isn't sold!) and I was staying home. The Clean Lady with the noisy machine was coming by and I was quite worried about this.

Then Miles invited Mittens, who was having a furry hard time having a new cat in the house (I know about THAT) and he invited her over and then invited lots of cats to come by. So I went over there.

Mittens got to smell some of the fur that Miss Trixie left and she was pleased about that. We took a furry nice nap together as well. Miles and Sammy are the nicest hosts and I had a furry good day after all! And Momma was even home when I got back! I'm glad I went visiting.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Changing Sheets

Oh it's my favorite day! It's laundry day for Momma's bed. I get to hide under the sheets as she tugs them around and attack the blanket and make it a challenge for her to re make the bed. I love that. It's my favorite day! I wish she would do it e furry day, but I doubt that she will. I don't think she has quite as much fun with it as I do!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gemini speaks out on Cheysuli

Momma laughed at Chey. She thought that today was 'lection day here but it's next week but Cheysuli had already posted that on her blog. Chey got mad and bit her kneecap.

It wasn't furry nice, but that's Cheysuli. She always has to be boss and she hates it when people laugh at her (I KNOW). She can however be furry nice. I think there will be a Thursday 13 on the nice things Cheysuli does, but it might be a few weeks 'cause we will all have to brainstorm for a really long time.

You know, I was wondering yesterday why people weren't more like cats 'cause even though lots of cats don't like other cats, we mostly get a long and live and let live and I thought humans could learn from us. Then I remembered Cheysuli and she's furry much like a human. Maybe Siamese are closer to humans? I'm just not sure it's a good thing.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 9/11

Gemini is too young to remember why the humans are walking around doing remembrances, but I remember my human watching the news and watching what happened.

Five years ago, I remember her getting up and thinking as the newscaster brought us up to date, What an idiot to miss the World Trade Center? And then hearing about the other tower and the pentagon (we live in the west). At that point she looked at us as we napped on her bed (awaiting her getting up) "Didn't I read this in a Nelson DeMille novel? Or was it someone else?"

She went out to turn on the television and saw the tragedy unfold throughout the day. She watched Peter Jennings talk about the imminent falling of the tower as the tower came down behind him--having to be prodded to look behind him. Even that early, he looked weary or maybe it was just shock.

She listened and she watched. She watched a lot of heros that day.

Five years later, we have lost almost as many heros in Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Osama Bin Laden is still free and still making videos. Our port security has been tightened but the costly things that really will make us safer have not been put into practice and our government doesn't seem to want to lead us in security at home.

The people in the US are suprisingly resilient, suprisingly heroic when they see a need. No one cared to ask if another person were a good American or not. Were they republican or democrat, cleaning lady or stock broker. We just rushed to aid. It was one of our finest hours in many years and it was not because of our government but because of our people. We are good people. We are a strong people. Let's demand this year, that our government reflect who we are.

First let's remember all those who have died.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Odds and Ends.

Momma got the new blogroll thingy going. It's furry nice. I can see who has updated their blogs so that I can just go look there and not have to go and look at efurryone on the list, which is good 'cause it was taking a long time and now I have even MORE people on my list.

Blogger beta wouldn't let me comment so I couldn't go say hello to Luxor who is a new Oriental cat in town.

The Almost Dad planted some kitty grass for me a few weeks ago and now it's up and growing and so there is a big pot of grass growing in our living room now. I kind of like it. Georgia thinks it's funny and Cheysuli doesn't get it. Yes, her teeth are better. She still has to take Auntie Bot X twice daily but she had her last dose of painkiller this morning. I guess she'll be back to her usual mean self...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

All three of us

This is a photo of all three of us in the kitchen. Momma rarely gets us all in one photo. Georgia is telling us that it's not quite time for dinner, which we are all waiting for. Chey doesn't look happy does she? She loves dinner. I am just walking over to Georgia 'cause she is my favoritest cat, even thougb I really like a lot of my blogging friends.

Momma said I am going to have a new blogroll soon so that I can update things easier. We'll see!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chey is Home

Here I am exploring where Cheysuli was all day yesterday. I like the carrier when it smells like her. I hope I don't have to use it again!

She is home and doing well. Momma said it was more expensive 'cause they did major extractions and so now I really have to worry about the food. Momma said Cheysuli is going to have to do a lot of payperposts to make up for all the money we spent on her teeth!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Having a bad day.

Oh blogger is being furry slow and I can't comment becaues the computer keeps timing out. It's not a good day.

I got up on the bed this morning for my morning rub and Cheysuli was in MY SPOT! I was furry mad and almost left right then, but Momma started scratching my head for me and I had to stay a little closer to the Almost Dad than I like.

'Course I was vindicated 'cause later on Chey was put in her carrier (and I climbed on top of it!) and got to go to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. I wonder what will happen to blogger?!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Nappin Cat

It's supposed to be warm this weekend for Labor Day. I don't think I'm going to do any labor. Momma and the Almost Dad will be busy setting up her new acupuncture clinic. It will be all hers now, instead of sharing with another practitioner.

There are two naturopaths in the office and a massage therapist. Momma will have her own room again and she is furry happy about that.

I don't know if I will get to blog, so I am settling in for some good nappin' time. If anyone gets lonely and wants to joing me, that will be cool.