Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Chey's new store

Okay, I have finally managed to get Chey's store up at Cafepress for some of her great photo shots. I mean, I love my siamese, shouldn't everyone? Wasn't that a catlike thought?

At any rate, her store is at www.cafepress.com/mysiamese That link does work but for some reason it doesn't work on blogger unless I have it spelled out. Odd glitches today.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Trimming up Fur

I have been trimming the hair off of Gemini's hind legs and tail to keep things a bit tidier around the litter box. I am amazed at how quickly cat fur grows. I trimmed that area up only three weeks ago and now it has all grown out again. I guess that would be true of my hair for the length that it has to grow, but I don't have to cut my own hair --someone else does. If my hair gets a little long, well it just falls in my face.

Also, when I have my hair cut, I sit still. I have learned that it's better to look good after sitting still than to look like I wiggled around in the chair the whole time. That would just look bad. Gemini has not learned this and I fear for what I might accidentally cut if she moves wrong. I guess it's getting a hair cut as a cat is far more stressful than it is as a human.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

That darned auto litter box

The other day, Georgia was investigating the new automatic litter box. Chey and Gemini quite like it and prefer that to the other box in the house. Georgia prefers the old box. As she was investigating it, the automatic rake began. She leaped around the room, startled and settled on to my desk. Seeing that she was startled, I reached around the monitor to pet her and calm her--well that startled her more, so she raced across the room, knocking over a knick knack and then raced into the kitchen and sent the cat food dish flying and then ran up the stairs.

I have a suspicion that she won't be using the automatic litter box any time soon...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Georgia's Treat

I got the Feline Renal Support from Standard Process for Georgia. I tried it this afternoon as the dosage is one tablet twice a day (or as recommended and the vet recommended this amount). I took it upstairs and almost tried to push it down her throat and then I remembered that cats are supposed to like the flavor. So I held out my hand and she sniffed at it and she ate it and looked at me like she thought it was a new cat treat.

This could be great. As this is a long term supplement, it's wonderful that she'll just eat them and there won't be the constant fighting with her to try and pop a pill own her throat. She is not the easiest cat to pill, though in her old age, she's mellowed. I did manage to get all her amoxicillan down her throat when she had her teeth cleaned last fall.

I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but here's to a long time of giving healthy cat treats to the old lady cat!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Skiing Siamese, if you please...

I laughed yesterday on my trip to the US Outdoor Store. It's a wonderful place and I was searching for a new pair of skis. I'm an intermediate to advanced skier and I like to stay mostly on groomed runs. Telling the sales person that, he brought out some Rossignol B1 Bandits in my size and then he said, OH YEAH. He pulled out some Salomon Siam 7. He proceeded to talk about how wonderful the Siam 7 was. It's lightweight (almost frighteningly so) and turns very easily. I've read some reviews and those that love it, love it and those that don't--well they really hate it. We'll see. I'm skiing on Saturday.

I decided on it because, well, it's Siam. I have that lovely Siameseand how could I not get a ski named after her? Siamese are unique cats and not for everyone. So these skis probably aren't for everyone. But I like Siamese, so how could I not get a Siam 7?

I think the cats are laughing at my lack of logic. I didn't tell them I had actually done some research and with the help of the salesperson that seemed like a reasonable choice...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Missing that Kitten (again)

I don't think Gemini had any adventures this weekend. I was gone, again and she's getting better. Still she's the cat that it's hardest to leave. I don't know why. I didn't worry about my other cats and certainly as they got older and I had lots to worry about with their health, I don't think I really worried more. I find that strange. She's a healthy young cat and things don't seem to trouble her but there's something endearing about her personality that makes me miss her. I'm not quite sure what that is.

The other cats are doing well. I noticed that Chey, for all that she's definitely the smallest cat (or at least the lightest) can still give Gemini a swat and have Gemini sit up and take notice. I think Chey won the battle for the bed. They occassionally swat but in general seem to like to play and those two are always chasing each other around. It's common to have Gemini bounce on the bed with Chey only steps behind her. If they notice I'm awake they have their areas where they sit near my face and wait for me to get up.

Hmm... and I miss this?

Friday, February 17, 2006

The older cat

Georgia's blood work came back the other day. She is slightly into kidney failure, but it's early stage. Also her thyroid levels were questionable and she could be showing early signs of hyper thyroidism. In both cases, my very fat cat could get thinner. Ironically she is sort of on a diet as she put on lots of weight when I got Gemini and she got to snack on kitten food!

At any rate, we will be using a formula from Standard Process called feline renal care to help her kidneys along. It's supposed to be more palatable than my other option of Chinese Herbal medicine. We'll see if Georgia likes the tablets. It would be nice as she'll be on them for the rest of her life. Fortunately we do use Standard Process for humans in my office so our naturopath can get them for me and I don't have to go all the way over to Georgia's vet.

Pet alternative medicine is coming a long way. It used to be that you had to sort of find a human practitioner who was willing to work on your pet and now veterinarians specialize as well. For the old age pets in kidney failure and arthritis these complementary proceedures can be invaluable to the quality of their life.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kitten gets Friendly

I hear from my pet sitter that Gemini is getting to be a friendlier cat. She is no longer running away from strangers, though she is still a bit wary of them. I feel badly that during her formative little years I didn't have more people over for her to get used to others in her territory and know that humans, in general, are okay. She lives exclusively inside so she doesn't see strangers at all.

She is a funny cat in that she watches to see how Georgia takes things. If it's okay with Georgia then it's okay for her but often doesn't sit around after Georgia has left the area.

Chey is completely different. She doesn't trust people up close but she'll sit in the middle of the room and keep an eye on them. She's very bold but not overly friendly, though I have to say she's getting very attached to me and I suspect that may be a factor of her Siamese one human only personality. We'll see.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's From Gemini and Friends

Happy Valentines Day from Gemini, Chey and Georgia

Monday, February 13, 2006

She Grows so Fast

So I went away for a long weekend. I came home to a bunch of stuff that all needed to be taken care of NOW. Gemini, Georgia and Chey were all fine though. When I finally got a moment to pick her up, I really think that this cat grew while I was gone. She's not any fatter but she's heavier.

Can cats actually grow that quickly?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Leaving Again

I am leaving Gemini again on Thursday. It was a few months ago that I went away for a week and I had to leave her. I missed her little eyes watching me and looking at me. She always looks like she's so disappointed that I have to leave her and I feel that way too. However life sometimes goes on and cats really hate change and vacation trips, so she is left behind with the cat sitter and her cat friends.

I hope that she will be well and that the time passes fast for her as she snoozes her way through her days and chases the other cats through the nights I won't be there. I hope that they all realize I miss them.

I hope that Gemini's blog friends have a good week and enjoy their cat naps as well.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just a photo

Just showing off how big that tiny cat is getting!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Compassion in Fur

I went for a "light reading" today. There is a woman in Hillsboro who is fantastic. I have been once before but things are in transition. My old Iggy cat showed up and she described him, after saying he was quite macho, that he was "compassion in fur."

While it is apt for my Iggy cat, I think it's a fantastic description for all cats.