Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Slow Day for the Cats

So it was a pretty slow day for the cats. They did nothing really funny or outstanding. Chey has only about one more dose of medication (I hope) and she's getting better at taking it, or else I'm getting better at surprising her. They were all a bit worried when the condo association had someone up on the roof checking out the gutters.

This afternoon for awhile when I was home for lunch, they all curled on my lap (well okay so Georgia was on top of the sofa and Gemini was beside me and not on me--only Chey was actually ON me) and had a nap while I read for awhile. It was nice to have the three of them so peaceful with me.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cat Toys

Cats hate toys that are purchased for them, with a few exceptions. Mostly if I buy something for one of the cats, they ignore it. However this weekend I purchased and earring holder for myself and before you knew it, Gemini was up there batting at my dangling earrings. The holder was on a wall and there was a chair under it so that she could just about reach. I had to rearrange how things were set up so that she would be unable to play with this new cat toy.

I have several toys that none of the cats play with and they are usually the most expensive. However, those silly little balls that are colored foil? Those are fun. They are always disappearing. Cat Dancers are fun. Those silly things on a wire with about three pieces of rolled up brown paper at one end? Yes those. My cats have always loved them. Finally the best cat toy? The feather toy. Just a stick with some feathers on top. We watched the cats enjoying them at a cat show, when I was interviewing breeders before I found Chey. We got one and it's been destroyed. We are now on the second. Like the cat dancer, this is a toy that must be hidden when not in use as the cats will just shred it.

I wonder why certain toys attrack them so much while others, that look just as interesting hold no particular thrill?

Monday, November 28, 2005

One Down..

So one major winter holiday down and one more to go. Gemini was a great kitten during the holidays. Unlike my other cat who shall not be named (but she is a Siamese), Gemini can be trusted to not jump on tables and eat all the food off of them. She can be trusted when the butter is left out to not decide it's a treat. She rarely jumps on the counter, unless the birds and squirrels are playing outside the kitchen window and she wants a closer look. When she does this if you say something, she listens..

Chey on the other hand... well just say I was worried I'd take my eyes off the turkey and it would disappear.

As for Georgia.. she's a pretty good cat about food. If it falls on the floor she'll eat it but she doesn't dig in when you have your plate in front of you. I like that in a cat.

Now what to buy them for the Holiday...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Strange tastes

So, all weekend Gemini ignored the turkey and trimmings. It's amazing to me though, that Chey, the skinny Siamese that she is, continues to be skinny considering how she ate.

As both Chey and Gemini are new to the household this season, I decided to put up the artificial tree early to see what they did. I was worried they would try and climb it. Chey has batted some branches and limbs. She also seems to be under the impression that if she sits behind the pole that holds up the tree we can't see her. She's thin, but not that thin.

Gemini, well, Gemini likes to chew on the tree. This is from a cat that won't eat turkey or anything that I eat (except for the occassional green vegetable). I'm not sure why but she's enjoying that. I am hoping there is nothing that she can inadvertently swallow and do damage to herself and I also hope that as I decorate the tree she starts learning to not chew on the branches.

She is an odd little cat sometimes.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Gemini's First Thanksgiving

It's Gemini's first Thanksgiving. I'm sure she'll be thrilled with the turkey cat food that I got her to help her celebrate. The other two, well they will be thrilled with however much they can get of my turkey to help them celebrate.

It seems a good time to recognize all that I am thankful for. I am thankful that I have three healthy (albeit one injured) cat.
I am thankful that Chey's injury was only a deep wound and not a partially severed toe.
I am thankful that my old Geezer cat, Georgia is hale and healthy and still enjoys chasing Gemini up and down the stairs from time to time.
I am thankful that Gemini found me.
I am thankful for all the times I wake up to that kitten's soft paw on my face.
I am thankful that when I get up at night, she follows me into the bathroom with her eyes half closed, looking as sleepy as I feel.
I am thankful that Chey and Gemini really seem to enjoy each other.
I am thankful that I can provide a home that they like.

To all cats and their owners, take a moment to really be thankful for the lovely bond you have.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The bandage lasted 24 hours

So yesterday I rebandaged Chey's foot and she kept the bandage on for about 24 hours. This was 12 hours longer than I had anticipated. It looked as if for the last couple she was dragging around large portions of it behind her and Gemini found that amusing. A cat with a trail of bandages hanging off it's back leg was probably too tempting for words.

Chey, for her part, seems to be feeling well and spry and seemed to enjoy being chased, so long as it wasn't me. When I was chasing her, she just ran. I think she as afraid that I had medicine (I often did) or that I wanted to mess with her paw (and I did).

Hopefully in the next few days she'll start forgiving me for this horrible affair, that is some how my fault. Allow me to point out that I did not injure her foot and have no idea how she did it. Still, from Chey's point of view, this is my fault.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Non Gemini Cat Stuff

Neither thing today involved Gemini.

First, I'd like to point out that Gemini's Adventures is getting a little press from a very unlikely source. Fc over at fatcat politics asked to use that photo of Iggy that I posted about a week ago. Now Iggy is watching over some quick searches.

Now the other cat... Cheysuli managed to rip off a large piece of her skin this weekend. I got to rush her into the emergency clinic as it looked horrible. Fortunately it was just scraped off and they bandaged it and put some sort of biodressing on it to keep it covered. She hated her flourescent pink bandage on her hind leg but it stayed on the 48 hours they recommended. We are currently taking a break from changing the dressing.... Yeah... break. It's been all that that implies, eh?

She started howling just by being closed in a room with me. I even took the dressing off and ignored her for awhile but she didn't want that and she is a stubborn girl so she wasn't about to think that this was an okay thing. I am evil for messing with that foot. Well she should just wait until I put the bandage back on... Lucky her. Or maybe it's lucky me.

Gemini's thoughts? She really has no thoughts on Ig's photo getting used. She knows she's much too cute to key an eye on anything political and she's very glad it's not her foot, but bright pink makes a great eye catching cat toy...

Friday, November 18, 2005

My Siamese

So when I had Simone, my siamese, I thought to create a whole website devoted to her. When she died, I sort of drifted away. I came back and checked my stats and found that I had some sales on the site, despite the neglect.

I have Chey now and am thinking of updating that website with a page on her, but I don't know what to say. Gemini is the cat that purrs in my face now and she is many things but she isn't a Siamese! Chey is a lovely cat but she's not the lover that Gemini is. Still I suppose there's no reason that I can't have the site and the blog.

I love the blog thing though and am toying with the idea of combining Gemini's Adventures with the siamese site, as I don't just blog about Gemini after all! I don't know. Something to think about.

I wonder would the cats get jealous of having to share? And what about Georgia who has had neither her own blog or her own website and she's such a lovely calico cat?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Slow Day

Today I got rid of some stuff and it took it to the thrift store run by our local humane society. I hope that that generates a bit of money for them. Unfortunately not much was really pet oriented, which they can use not only for selling but also at the shelter if it's more important.

Gemini made it difficult to make the bed again. She likes to get up under the fitted sheet and then attack. I worry that she won't find her way out again and then she'll suffocate or something. It's not likely. More likely she'd chew through the sheets and blankets to rescue herself!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This is an old enhanced photo of my Iggy cat. I love the way he looks sort of like he's evil and is just waiting for someone to haunt!

At least if he's haunting me, he sent me Gemini who is far more fun, which proves, I guess that pictures CAN lie!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Odd Kitten

Gemini has always refused table scraps. She never likes left overs. I could leave a chicken out or a tuna out and not have her figure out that she could eat my food.

Today I chopped up some vegetables, broccoli and spinach on my cutting board and then put them in the pan. I went to clean up and got a phone call, which meant that I was distracted. I came back later to realize I hadn't wiped it clean when I noticed she was eating something on the cutting board.

So this is a cat that won't eat anything else that's people food but she likes broccoli and spinach? Someone must need her greens...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Broken lamps

I came home last night to find that someone had been running around like crazy. They broke a lamp upstairs and in the closet in the master bedroom, they had knocked down everything on the upper shelf. Now it COULD have been Georgia, but I suspect that the offenders were Chey and Gemini playing a bit hard.

Certainly I know that this is what happened, but the cats don't know I know that, so I'm not sure how to make sure they never do that again--short of giving up lamps. I like light though so that doesn't seem to be an option. I know that you can earthquake proof a home if you are in an earthquake zone. I wonder if there are things like that to cat proof?

Ah well, off to think about shopping for a new lamp...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Finicky Siamese

Gemini is not particularly finicky about cat food. When she was a tiny baby she had a hard time with dry food but she seems to like her kitten food now. She doesn't seem to get the whole table scraps thing, so she doesn't eat that.

Chey, however is another matter. I do go away overnight from time to time and I want to know my cats are fine. I have been working to wean Chey off the canned food only. She doesn't seem to be at all interested in the dry stuff. She ate one hard crunchy treat once. Note that: ONCE.

I finally found some tender vittles thinking that would be a transitional food. They have been getting that in the morning. The first morning Georgia and Gemini ate most of it. They are now eating less and less. Chey continues to look more and more annoyed. They still get their can a night though.

I really think that Chey likes the drama of not eating. I think that this cat is milking the poor her for all it's worth. Gemini and Georgia don't seem to be too worried about their diets and that's a good thing. I hope. Sigh. One of these days we'll get them back to a healthy way of eating.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Like I Never Left

Well it's rather as if I never left at all. The cats are acting as they always did. Gemini purrs at me in the early morning to try and wake me up. Chey continues to thrash by my side, rolling around and purring loudly if I acknowledge her rolling... Georgia stays off the bed in the mornings now and I find her on the floor where she can watch the antics and has a good head start on the youngsters.

It is nice to be back to be watched in the morning by large kitten eyes. The longer I look at Gemini the greater the tilt of her head as she ponders what I am thinking. At least that's what I attribute to her. She may be thinking, why do those large creatures have such a funny thing sticking out of the front of their face?

Still, they are working hard on stealing my food, curling up in my space on the chair and keeping me from any privacy. It's like I never left at all!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Welcome Back

Worried when I returned that Gemini and her pals would just look at me and leave (after all cats are good at holding grudges) I was happy to see that Georgia met me at the door (but she's very forgiving). Chey was a little nervous about me and it took Gemini awhile to come down upon hearing me but she did and was very happy to be petted and held.

I think I missed her more than the others. I love the softness of her fur and the way she looks at me with her large eyes. She really is a little love.

My pet sitter said she was a bit shy at first but by the end both she and her husband were ready to adopt her she was such a sweetie. So perhaps I am not the only one to think my baby is perfect! Good to know.