Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Get to Go Shopping!

Momma said we would go online later tonight or tomorrow and go shopping for our Secret Paw pal so that we can send something out. Yeah. I was the one who most wanted to do Secret Paws so that I get the most input. Georgia wasn't at all interested, but then she likes to sleep a lot. Cheysuli does get to pick something out but she wasn't as excited about the Secret Paw thing. She just never gets as excited about something, unless it's a feather toy or food!

Oh but Chey is coming up with a contest for her blog so keep an eye out. We'll probably be announcing it in a couple of weeks! It's for efurryone! YEAH!

The snow is gone, mostly so that it's not so mucky out. Georgia still hasn't gone out since the Almost Dad forgot about her. I don't blame her. She gets to go to the homeopathic vet on Monday to see what they can do for her. Momma is pretty happy with how her body is handling the disease but we are hoping to lengthen her life a bit or at least the time that she has quality of life. The other vet said two to six months and I think we are going on two and a half already.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Pounced

Momma had the camera the other night and was taking photos and Cheysuli was showing off like she always does with lots of rolls and stuff so I pounced. Aren't I ferocious?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Georgia got left out!

The snow that is falling on the Big Piney Woods also fell here though not so much. Seattle isn't used to much snow, so the city isn't prepared--only a few plows and sanding trucks. Most schools were closed today. Momma still had a couple of patients so she drove up to her work place. Although her work is closer to the mountain pass and is higher in elevation, there was less snow there than there was here! She said that city is still in King County so they don't really have more plows because that's a county thing so it really surprised her. The mountain towns were all easy to get around in but the flat lands were still icy and snow covered!

The Almost Dad stayed home with us today. He let Georgia out a little before Momma called to say she was on her way home and to be sure she didn't need to stop for something. Anyway Georgia was on the porch when she got home. She was opening her mouth like she was meowing (but no real sound comes up like always) and Momma was gathering her stuff and Georgia was rubbing against the door like she really wanted to go in. She didn't even stop to scratch on the door mat like she does, so she was really ready to come in.

Momma and Georgia yelled at the Almost Dad when he came in. Cheysuli did too. I just asked for a bit of food because I thought that would help Georgia warm up, but Momma said the fire would do that a bit better.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Maybe I'll go skiing!

Momma always says I am furry nosy whenever the carrier comes out. Here I am smelling it. She only had it out for a moment 'cause she was starting to get out some of the Christmas decorations. She said we'd decorate next weekend probably.

There is snow here today. She was happy. Snoqualmie has been open on a limited basis and so has Stevens but she hasn't gotten to go up yet. She said maybe next week and she is looking forward to it. She has too much to do this week though. I like it when she skis, 'cause then she comes home and is cold and tired and I can snuggle with her and let her get warmed up!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chey's a Busy Cat

Cheysuli has been a busy cat. She found squidoo and started making lenses. She made on herself. She also made one on all of us! Oh my! Look, my picture is on here! Of course, you can read more about it on her blog!

I should go over there and make a lens on me and then I could join her group called Cat Bloggers. She said lots of folks that I haven't met before will see me. I wonder if Momma would make a cafepress store just for me? I wonder if anyone would buy anything. I know my handsome Ping would like to, but he could have pictures just 'cause he is a sweet boy.

Still she keeps working and working her little paws to the bone. When will I get time to play on the computer. I want my own!

Friday, November 24, 2006

I Got Turkey!

Oh the Almost Dad had so much food that he couldn't finish, so we all gots little bits of turkey that Momma fed us. I think that was furry nice of him to offer us each some of that turkey. He may no longer be an Almost Dad but a Dad, but I still have to think about that.

I had a furry nice day and got to snuggle a bit later than usual with Momma today. I like that. Georgia was behind her legs and I washed my face in front of her so that she would wake up and pet me and tell me how cute I am. She did. That was nice.

I woke up and was reading my blogs this morning and was sad to see that Tilly of the Tower Hill Mob crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Our thoughts are will them.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It's Almost Thanksgiving!

I think it's wonderful that so many cats are writing lists about what they are thankful for and not all of them are just thankful for turkey.

  • I am thankful that I have a wonderful Momma and a furry nice Almost Dad.
  • I am thankful that I have a warm house and a fireplace and places to play
  • I am thankful that Georgia continues to be in good health and will play with me sometimes.
  • I am thankful that handsome Ping is my boyfriend kitty.
  • I am thankful that I have met so many nice kitties here that have taught me so much.

Oh look! There I am will Georgia on the blanket on the bed. Have a good Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and I hope you get lots of time to nap!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Another Odd Routine

So once again the Almost Dad was home most of the day and Momma wasn't. I'm not sure I like this. The Almost Dad clumps his feet more than Momma and that's furry disturbing. Also he doesn't just pet me and tell me I am beautiful, he wants to flip me.

He says, "Gemini! What are you doing?" when I roll in the bathtub. Momma just rubs my fluffy belly and says I'm so cute.

I like the Almost Dad and everything but I'll be glad when we get back to our usual routine!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rolling Around

Oh look at me! I just rolled all over the floor and was enjoying that. Momma says I look furry puffy.

I didn't do a whole lot today. The Almost Dad was home for the holiday and I am looking forward to a bit of turkey. Momma was gone much of the day 'cause she had to work. The Almost Dad fed us our dinner. Chey was mad about that because she doesn't like him so much.

Anyway I had a furry nice dinner.

I am thinking that I need to start thinking of all the things I'm thankful for so I can post them.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend Report

Momma slept in and so did we. I liked the cuddle time. Then she went shopping so I napped some more and killed some invisible bugs. I attacked the bathtub for no reason. Well there was a reason--it's an evil, wicked bathtub and I had to strike first!

Sunday Georgia chased Cheysuli around. Then Cheysuli chased me around. Momma decided Georgia needed more fluids, although she is doing well. So we all sat around and watched Georgia get fluids under her skin. Momma found it worked much easier to get on the bed with Georgia and give fluids rather than taking her to the bathroom where she hangs the fluids. The Almost Dad held onto the bag and opened and closed the flow. Georgia sat very still and was much more comfortable than she is when she's being held in the bathroom. I wonder if something bad happened to her in the bathroom?

Momma was gone so much and for so long this weekend that I hardly got to work online at all! When she was home, Cheysuli was hogging the 'puter! She is such a computer hog. I need my own!

Friday, November 17, 2006

up High

Oh look at me! I'm up so high. The other day, the Almost Dad saw me looking up the bookshelves they have dividing their big room by the fireplace and he let me explore up there. Oh it was so fun. I could almost sniff the ceiling.

He tired to get me to come down, but I didn't want to. I laid out up there and moved around and then when he wasn't looking, I leaped down. It was only six feet up.

Momma was kind of upset 'cause she thought I could hurt myself from that height,but it was only six feet! I hope I get to go up there again. I could touch the ceiling!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Invisible Wall Bugs!

We were going to post some more photos but Momma didn't get them upload 'cause for some reason the power was not on. She said it was 'cause there was a big wind storm up here and the power went off. We sat and cuddled on the bed while she read because that had the best light to read by until the sun went down.

After the sun went down, Momma lit a bunch of candles and we sat by the fireplace. I could see all sorts of invisible bugs on the walls by the candle light and so I kept trying to attack them. Momma said I made her laugh because she was getting kind of bored just sitting in the dark. I don't know why she was getting bored. She could have attacked the invisible bugs herself!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My Tail of Devoshun

Skeezix has a contest for our Mommas and Daddys to write up how much they love us. I am writing my own tale of devoshun to Georgia.

I loves my Georgia cat. She didn't want another cat when I came to live but her ears always perked up when I mewed from my room in the bathroom. I was furry frightened because Momma was so much bigger than I was and I didn't know a whole lot about beans. Then I went out in the world and I saw Georgia.

She hissed at me and then left but I was furry curious even though I was kind of scared. As she got to know me, she stopped hissing so much. I would go up to her and attack and she would roll me over on my back and I would kick at her with my hind legs and scream as if I was being hurt and she would sit there and hold me down on my back. As soon as she let up, I would go back and attack again so she had to hold me down again.

Momma laughed 'cause she just didn't want Georgia to hurt me so for all that fighting, the first time I was out of my room and she fed Georgia, I immediately stuck my head in the food dish. Momma looked a Georgia and said, well, swat her. It's your food! And Georgia just stood there and let me eat! She was so furry nice to me.

When Momma and Georgia are in a room, I go immediately to Georgia. Even if Momma is trying to give me a treat, if Georgia comes into a room, I run over to her. She is the bestest cat ever and I hope that she never ever leaves me!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tummy Tuesday

Here's my photo for tummy Tuesday. Can you find me under all that fur?! Oh I know it's still Monday but I've been blogging in the afternoon so that means most of you will see it on Tuesday.

That's a close up shot of the lovely stained glass that Momma's friend made. The Amost Dad doesn't like it in the window because he likes to see the window. Momma thinks it looks purrfect there and so do I! We are gonna put it there some how!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Who Was Sick?

Momma was just thinking yesterday that while she missed her first Siamese, Simone, she did NOT miss the fact that Simone would just sort of vomit. Usually this was at night and she'd just casually spit up a bunch of food and stuff onto the bed. Momma hated having to get up and then clean up the bed in the middle of the night. She was thinking how pleased she was that none of us cats did that.

Well, last night she went to bed and woke up. When she got up to go to the human litter box, she felt something wet on the floor. She wondered if her hair was still wet and that she was dripping or something. But then something said turn on the light and so she did. Some had projectile vomited onto BOTH blankets on the bed and then some onto the floor. So she and the Almost Dad had to get up and change the bedding in the middle of the night.

Momma isn't sure but because the food was only partially digested, she is thinking it was Cheysuli.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where are the Flood waters?

I had a couple of cats ask me where we were that we were getting flood waters. We live near Seattle on the Eastside. The Snoqualmie River that flows out of Snoqualmie pass flooded and flooded both Fall City and Snoqualmie (which is perhaps named after the river). It wasn't the most noticed flood around here. I think Mt. Vernon got more press but it's a big city and Fall City and Snoqualmie are pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Momma says if anyone remembers Twin Peaks, they used the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge and the diner with the "Damn Fine Cuppa Coffee" is in North Bend, which is just east of Snoqualmie and about three blocks from her new office.

Her office didn't flood but Momma and her officemates were worried that they roads would be closed and they couldn't get there because they have to cross a river no matter which way they go. Today the roads were back to normal so Momma drove the back roads back to work and she didn't see too much damage but she was driving along the sort of highway (although it wasn't listed on the WAdot site so it's not a big highway). Also, lots of the damage was more on the inside to people's homes.

She said most of the cows (or moo moo's) were back in the pasture and that was good to see.

We live up on a plateau (whatever that is) and so our house wasn't in danger and there aren't any rivers around, just a lake, so that was also good. I guess lakes don't flood like rivers do. Portland flooded too and Momma isn't suprised because they get lots of floods with all the rivers there.

The rain that flooded us is now getting Patches and Mittens and Precious and Mistrie.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tub soccer or Invisible Bugs?

I've been killing the invisible bugs in the bathtub again. The Almost Dad thought that was silly because he can't see the invisible bugs. So he thought I needed a cat toy in the tub and tried to get me to play tub soccer! I thought it was rather good that he and Momma wanted to play tub soccer but those invisible bugs are so much more fun that I only played a little and then when they left, I went back to my bugs.

I feel really good 'cause I have choices! It looks like the waters are going down around here and that there wasn't too much human loss of life. No one has reported on our fur friends though.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Dona nobis pacem

Okay, so it's a little early but Momma doesn't have as much time in the morning as she used to and she felt that I should get started on blogging about world peace.

Why are we cats for world peace? I mean if we didn't have world peace, the Almost Dad might have to go and fight with other people instead of making lots of money to get stinky goodness. Also, Momma and the Almost Dad would be much more stressed out and we wouldn't get as much good food and loving and cuddles.

Peace starts at home. I am going to be nice to Cheysuli and Georgia today and maybe we'll all be nice to each other and have a peaceful day. Momma is going to go vote and then watch the election returns. I'm sure Cheysuli will be glued to the television and computer screen too (another reason I probably won't get to blog tomorrow!). However, Cheysuli is who she is and I shouldn't get so mad at her. I mean I can ask and tell her she's being rude, but I shouldn't just get angry, huh? Not if it's a day about world peace.

I wish e-furryone a good day, a peaceful day.

Here is a wonderful quote from the Dalai Lama

Peaceful living is about trusting those on whom we depend and caring for those who depend upon us.

Dona Nobis pacem

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Weekend Report

Well, once again we had a quiet weekend. Momma meant to do a bunch of sewing. She thought the Almost Dad would be gone part of Saturday but it started to rain so he didn't go golfing. And she didn't feel so well. She was trying to get rid of what she calls the yeastie beasties which she said was making her want lots of bread and sugar and stuff and making her tired and cranky (I didn't know that!), so she started taking something called oregano oil (she said it'll be awhile before she craves Italian food again) and removed all sugars, fruits, wheat and dairy from her diet and she was so sick.

She wasn't expecting to be sick until today or tomorrow and then just a little bit but the oil must have accelerated the process. She doesn't feel quite so bad today but she was in bed most of yesterday. I'm sorry she felt badly but it was so cool to be able to cuddle with her all afternoon! I love to cuddle.

She got some good photos of Georgia and Cheysuli cuddling together but I left before she could take photos. Soon the Almost Dad will have to upload them to his 'puter and then if Blogger lets us, we'll be able to show them off!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Georgia Update

Well it's been slightly over a month since Georgia was diagnosed with brain tumor. She's had to take icky medicine now for a month. Momma only has to give it to her every other morning now, which is nice. She is doing furry well and Momma is furry happy. She even attacks me (Georgia, not Momma) sometimes so I know she is feeling good. We are all furry happy.

This is an older photo but Momma says that Georgia is furry camera shy 'cause she always just walks out of the photo as she takes a picture.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bed Bugs and Bodies

Momma always lets me check under the blankets to find out where she disappears under the covers. This way I know where her body is. The Almost Dad doesn't quite do that. I don't know where his body is! Yet, he says I am rude when I walk all over it instead of going around like I do with Momma. How does he expect me to know where his body is when he won't let me see it under the covers?

Also, why does he yell my name when I attack the bed bugs at the foot on his side of the bed? I mean I can't help it they bite sometimes when I catch them. But shouldn't he thank me for catching them at all?