Friday, April 07, 2006


The cats are thrilled. They will not be moving for another two weeks. Things got changed because of a family problem and they would be left alone for two nights and I felt better having them here with a reliable cat sitter they are familiar with.

My cat sitter really loves the cats and I think she'll miss Gemini more than she does me. I don't think I could have moved when I had my Siamese, Simone because she was devoted to Simone. She was more upset than I was when Simone died. I think I was just in shock though at the time.

It's funny how in the course of things you start thinking about the stuff you take for granted. I've never really taken having a wonderful cat sitter for granted but now I know that I will miss having that. I can go out of town for a day or two but know that if an emergency comes up someone who cares as much for my cats as I do will be there to see to it that they get fed. That's my biggest worry is that for some reason I wouldn't get home at the arranged time and they would get hungry or their litter box would get over full or something!

Kukka Maria may love to travel (if she could get out for spring break) but Gemini and her gang would rather just explore their home area and know what's predictable. Perhaps I should have taken her out more as a kitten? Hard to say. They like watching squirrels and jays outside and they will have more of that at their new home. There is the big tuxedo cat that wanders around named 8 Ball and they all like to get their backs up at him. He presses his nose against the window and looks in and just stands there while they act all huffy. I wonder what he thinks of their reactions as he saunters off?

Ah life as a cat--now they have no worries for a few more weeks...

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The Meezers said...

It's good that they will get another 2 weeks in familiar surroundings.
Sammy and Miles don't like to travel at all. Trixie and Norton are so used to it from all of our moving. They've lived in at least 4 states in their 18 years.