Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's Georgia!

Oh look, it's Georgia and she's on the bed. She is during pretty well.

Last week, we had one instance of her sort of wheezing for a moment but then it was over. She's been a little slower in responding to being called, although she can move pretty fast when she wants to.

Momma was happy that she's been sleeping on the bed by herself now again--when she was real sick, she was always hiding and she did a little of that last week.

She goes back to the vet lady a week from tomorrow. They have called to check on her and read her progress report so they know what' s going on. As it's a little longer than the two weeks so that Momma could do it on a day off, she will probably call or email them again at the beginning of this week. We are furry glad that although we are weaning her off the pred, she has not had any of the nasty symptoms yet.

We are getting a wind storm here. We had a little one yesterday and she wanted to go out but didn't want to go out 'cause of the wind.

This doesn't involve Georgia--but I can't comment on the Meezers! It gives me a window and I write and then I hid send but it keeps coming back. They may have my comment about 10 times or perhaps not at all! I will be glad when Blogger fixes this!


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I'm so happy to hear Georgia is doing well, your mom is doing a great job in giving her the best care. I took that pred for a while with my head tilt and it didn't do anything for me. Hopefully Georiga does great without it!


Cecilia, The 2Bs & LT said...

Oh we are so happy that Georgia is doing better. Yay!
Yes, and blogger suck!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear about Georgia and get to see a picture. She looks beautiful (of course).

The only way I can comment on some blogs -- not all -- is from a tip Skeezix left. Sign in from the page you want to comment on (there's a button in the upper right corner). Even if you have to sign out first. Once you sign in, go to make a comment and use anonymous -- and remember to sign the comment so we'll know who it is! Ha-ha.

That's the only way I get comments lately. Very frustrating.

-- ML (Mary Lynn)

Lux said...

Georgia looks lovely. I hope she keeps on feeling better!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Nice to hear Georgia's feeling better.

We're getting fed up with Blogger too! We learned that you can switch your comments settings to accept ANYONE to help get comments on your bloggie. Then on a bloggie where you're trying to leave a comment, select "other" or "anonymous" and fill in your name and web or blogger page info. Hope that helps!

Abby said...

Hi Miss Georgia!

It am furry gud to see yu looking so lovely and purry up on da bed. Yu look furry comfy. I am glads to hear dat yu are feelin gud, cuz yu look furry gud!

Now Gemini I wuz furry worried bout yu and Georgia and Chey and yur Momma. I saw dat feetsball game on movie box wif Momma last nite and it wuz stormin furry bad in near yu. They nearly cancelled dat game last nite. We's hopes yu is OK and didn't have any bad E-facts.

Be sweet my boo-tee-full Gemini.
Yur boyfriendcat

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Are you guys OK? Our friend in Washington just told us that there was a HORRIBLE storm there last night and bad things happend like trees down and power out.


Sammy and Miles said...

Gemini - we didded get a bunch of comments from you - we has not switched to beta yet 'acause our blog is too big.

we hope Miss Georgia continues to feel better!

Junior said...

Georgia! You look so wonderful!

One of us said...

Georgia you look very nice in your picture ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Patches & Mittens said...

We are so happy Georgia is doing better. She is such a pretty calico girl!!

We hope you didn't blow away and that you have power!!


Kukka-Maria said...

We continue to think of Georgia and send her healing vibes. It's a big thing for her to sleep in the open, as we all tend to hide when we're feeling really crappy.

On a side note, this Blogger Beta thing is screwing us all up! While I haven't had trouble leaving comments, it won't let me convert and sometime, when I comment on Beta blogs, it doesn't show my beautiful picture.

I hate not looking at my beautiful picture...