Monday, March 19, 2007

Georgia Tuesday

Oh today is all about Georgia. She is over at Chey's Place and she is here. This is her sitting by the fire. She was sitting so close to the fire for so long that before she turned over, Momma sat there and held up the edge of the blanket so that the fire wouldn't burn her behind. Finally she decided it was warm enough and she turned over. I got to sit with her.

This was awhile ago, when it got cold and we got snow again. In fact, we might get some today too! And it's MARCH! Did you know, it never snows here, but never has happened about three times so far and maybe will happen again?

Yesterday Georgia got up on Momma's lap, with some help from Momma 'cause she can't jump on the sofa (Georgia not Momma). So I jumped up and sat with Georgia on Momma's chest. I headbutted Georgia and licked her ear and her side.


Karen Jo said...

Georgia is a beautiful cat. It was very nice of your Mom to hold up the blanket so Georgia wouldn't burn her behind. I'm glad you got to snuggle with her.

DEBRA said...


That was so sweet of you to snuggles up to Georgia and yur Mom. I bet they boff really liked that a lot. Miss Georgia looks so purrty in this picture, nearly as purrty as yu. I hopes she is feeling well.
Yu is going to get sum more of dat white stuffs from the sky. IT sure am funny weather. We had furry cold weather furrs us ofur the last few days. Momma even put the warm air on furrs us. WE gets cold furry easy.
I fink I will snuggle up in a sunbeam and dream of my sweet Gemini.

Yur boyfriendcat

The Meezers said...

we gotted lots of snow ofurr the weekend and yesterday and maybe today too.
it was nice of you to snuggle Georgia and your momma

Daisy said...

Gemini, I am proud of you for being so nice to Georgia.

Forty Paws said...

We checked out Georgia hogging Chey's prizes and name over at Chey's blog. Sometimes you just gotta be nice to your elders. It's one of those things.

We're glad you were kindly to her and snuggled with her on your Mom.

As for your comment on our blog, yes, we figured we were growing another Jeffrey Dahmer in our midst. It's creepy what people don't know their children are doing.

Luf, Us

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Good of you to be nice to Georgia, Gemini. I wish Patches would be nice to Mittens like that. Maybe you could have a talks with her???

CalicoMom Toni