Sunday, March 25, 2007

Weekend Roundup

We stayed home this weekend and had lots of good naps. Georgia decided to follow Momma around the house, perhaps cause Momma was gone working lots last week. She will be gone lots this week too but that's cause she has to go out of town.

She said the Almost Dad will take care of us when she's gone. I hope he's nice to me!

I got my new softpaws put back on. All of my last round had finally fallen off so now I have new little red toes.

We've been keeping an eye on Menu Foods. It makes us wonder how many pet food manufacturers there are as opposed to to pet food companies. Did that make sense? It seems like an awful lot of pet food companies used Menu Foods to make their foods. That seems odd to me and I want to find out more about it.


Lux said...

I'm sure your Almost Dad will be good to you, Gemini. And my mom's been thinking the same thing about Menu Foods.

William said...

It sounds like you had a perfect weekend!

Forty Paws said...

Our Maw sez it mite haf sumting to do wid economies of scale, centralization and outsourcing.

We haf no idear wat any of dat means, but der u go.

Itz gud to follow your Mom arownd so dat she duzn't forget u next week wen she is gone agin.

Luf, Us

DEBRA said...

I am so glad yu had such a good weekend Gemini. I am sure your Almost Dad will take furry good care of you. Ooo I bet yur red toes look wunderfull. Red is the purrfect color furrs yu. We've had lots of sunbeams all weekend, so I has been layin the sun dreamin of yu!

Yur boyfriendcat

zevo calamari said...

Red toes are soooo cool!

zevo calamari

Forty Paws said...

Thank you for wishing me a Happy Birthday!!!

Luf, Bow