Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Well I am out of the closet. You see, Cheysuli has been in more troulbe this weekend because she has been hollering at Momma when it's time to get up. Fortunately that means Momma thinks I am furry sweet! I am glad

We've been working in the yard in between the rain yesterday. I had to sit in the window and supervise. I think it will look nice if they ever get done. They have a huge pile of something called "bark dust". The Almost Dad said it was 15 yards. I don't know why they needed 15 yeards of bark when we only have one yard. Also why would they want bark instead of meow?

It's perplexing!


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Our people use bark instead of meow too. Momma says she can't wait to see pichers.


Faz the Cat said...

Bark sounds interesting. Is it good for going litter tray? FAZ

Daisy said...

I am glad you got out of trouble, Gemini!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

What is yard work? The Lap Lady doesn't seem familiar with that term or at least she's pretending she doesn't. I'm glad you got lots of love!


One of us said...

that is a perplexing problem, hmmmmm ~Poiland tRibe

The Meezers said...

bark dust? what is that?