Monday, July 02, 2007

A hole in One!

The Almost Dad came home from golfing the other day and said he got a hole in one! He was playing a small par three course but he was still quite proud of himself. Many of the people he golfs with who have been golfing longer and are generally better golfers than he is have never had one.

I am furry impressed. See I like to help him practice his putting inside. I get between where he is and the hole so it's easier to catch the golf balls he hits. I'm sure I'm the whole reason he got that hole in one, aren't you?


William said...

And...were there treats in the hole? I probably don't get it, then.

Derby said...

So how much did his hole in one cost him? He did have to buy drinks for everyone, didn't he?

Caesar and Princess said...

Congratulations to your dad!

happy Day Gemini!!


The Meezers said...

yay for the almost dad!!!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Ummmmmm.......I am wondering, like William is, about treats in this here hole.....if not, it isn't worth much.


Pee Ess.....Momma says that is furry citing!!!

Daisy said...

Gemini, I am certain your help was why he got a hole in one. Next time you should help him get a birdie!

Lux said...

You're such a good helper, Gemini! Good going!

DEBRA said...

Alright Gemini! Yu helped yur almost Dad get a hole in 1!!!

When can I see sum moore purrty pixchurs of yu???

Yur boyfriendcat
Ping <~~~~who is in the DOGhouse wif his Daddy.

Karen Jo said...

I think it's wonderful that your Almost Dad got a hole in one. That's very exciting. I'm sure that your help with his putting helped him.