Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Snuggle Time

Oh I snuggled last night. The weather is turning a bit cooler and Momma is remaking the bed today (YEAH! I can help!!!) with the flannel sheets. Last night I even crawled under the covers and snuggled next to her.

It surprises her that I love to do that because I have so much fur. While I snuggled next to her tummy, Georgia was on the bed on top of the covers behind her knees. Momma likes that. Georgia never liked going under the covers, I guess. I love to hide!

Of course, as she was dropping off, Cheysuli came and pounced on me and we had to fight and then we started running all over the bed. That was fun. I don't know why Momma didn't like it.


Merlin said...

OOOH, we have flannel sheets too! So nice and cozy. I've been snugglin' extra lately, too. It's just nice when it's chilly outside.

DEBRA said...


I love snugglin wif my Momma.She laughs at me when I curl up so tightly and I put my face under my back paws then I can breath so I will snore. It is so furry comfy to me, but Momma finks it looks like I am smotherin'.

Can I comes ofur and visit wif you and Chey and Georgia? I would like to give Miss Georgia my special nosekiss to tell her I have been finking about her.

Hopes we hear from Sammy and Miles soon. We's been worried and purraying about their Mommie.


Patches & Mittens said...

The fuless ones are very narrow minded when it comes to nightime and napping. They have all day to nap, but do they? No....well, maybe once. Then they expect to sleep the whole night away. That can't be good, so I wake them up a lot.


Latte said...

Yeah, we meezers have to pounce. Just has to be done.....sorry bout that.

Junior said...

I don't understand why the beans want to sleep at night! That is the best time to play!!!

Anonymous said...

We like to sleep on the bed with our Moewmie also. If it gets really cold Bubbles will crawl in under the covers. Meowmie really likes that.

Fat Eric said...

It is not really cold here yet but it is nice to snuggle. I have started using my fleecy cat bed again which I only do from October to March!