Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I can see what Momma does when she's not in the house!

I love the window. I looked out at Momma coming home and saw her talking to the neighbor! It was fun. I know she saw me cause she waved and I got scared and ran away!

Still it was furry nice. I like sitting in the window. Cheysuli doesn't much, but Georgia comes up there with me now that it's getting a bit chillier and she doesn't want to be out so much. It's perfect for her because it's the right height and she can sit there and not worry about being outside alone.

I am furry happy.


Wm. said...

Extreme coolness! I love that window! Sometimes I sit in our tiny-silled den window and I can see my mom when she gets home. She talks to me through the window and I talk back.

Catzee said...

When I see Mom comin home I sit out on the balcony an meow as loud as I can. She finks it's cuz I'm glad to see her but really it's cuz I'm hopin fur a chance to dash out the door when she comes in.

brandi said...

Nice window! I sit in our bedroom window sometimes, but it is not as neat as yours! And when they plant stuff next spring, you'll have lots to watch. Make sure they put up a birdie feeder for your own birdie TV!

Merlin said...

Oh, I'm glad you and Georgia can enjoy the window together.

I like to sit in the window and watch when my Mom drives away to work. It makes her feel really guilty for leavin' me, and I usually get extra treats when she comes home.

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