Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Georgia's Treat

I got the Feline Renal Support from Standard Process for Georgia. I tried it this afternoon as the dosage is one tablet twice a day (or as recommended and the vet recommended this amount). I took it upstairs and almost tried to push it down her throat and then I remembered that cats are supposed to like the flavor. So I held out my hand and she sniffed at it and she ate it and looked at me like she thought it was a new cat treat.

This could be great. As this is a long term supplement, it's wonderful that she'll just eat them and there won't be the constant fighting with her to try and pop a pill own her throat. She is not the easiest cat to pill, though in her old age, she's mellowed. I did manage to get all her amoxicillan down her throat when she had her teeth cleaned last fall.

I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but here's to a long time of giving healthy cat treats to the old lady cat!

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