Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kitten gets Friendly

I hear from my pet sitter that Gemini is getting to be a friendlier cat. She is no longer running away from strangers, though she is still a bit wary of them. I feel badly that during her formative little years I didn't have more people over for her to get used to others in her territory and know that humans, in general, are okay. She lives exclusively inside so she doesn't see strangers at all.

She is a funny cat in that she watches to see how Georgia takes things. If it's okay with Georgia then it's okay for her but often doesn't sit around after Georgia has left the area.

Chey is completely different. She doesn't trust people up close but she'll sit in the middle of the room and keep an eye on them. She's very bold but not overly friendly, though I have to say she's getting very attached to me and I suspect that may be a factor of her Siamese one human only personality. We'll see.

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