Monday, February 27, 2006

Trimming up Fur

I have been trimming the hair off of Gemini's hind legs and tail to keep things a bit tidier around the litter box. I am amazed at how quickly cat fur grows. I trimmed that area up only three weeks ago and now it has all grown out again. I guess that would be true of my hair for the length that it has to grow, but I don't have to cut my own hair --someone else does. If my hair gets a little long, well it just falls in my face.

Also, when I have my hair cut, I sit still. I have learned that it's better to look good after sitting still than to look like I wiggled around in the chair the whole time. That would just look bad. Gemini has not learned this and I fear for what I might accidentally cut if she moves wrong. I guess it's getting a hair cut as a cat is far more stressful than it is as a human.

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