Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gemini goes to Work

Okay so Gemini is going to work. This is Kukka Maria's fault. She was talking about needing a place of her own and I thought that Gemini and her friends ought to start earning their own way... And so here is Gemini's first foray in to that.

She has a renter on her blog! Yes that's right a renter. Rob in China snapped up the space that we had to rent and I hope that all you cats out there want to see what's happening around the world. Oh, I'm sure that it's not nearly as exciting as what's new in catnip, what's happening with the feline empress (whom Gemini strives to emulate) or the latest in cat toys, but there are some great shots off food on the blog--keep scrolling down, kitties, you'll understand...

At any rate, as a regular reader (okay so we don't just talk to cats all day online) I was flattered that he wanted to rent one of my blogs. Hopefully you'll become regular readers too!


The Meezers said...

oh Gemini - how horrible that you has to werk! Our Mommy says werk makes her tired and cranky.

Kukka-Maria said...

Oh poor Gemini...I'm sorry your mom misunderstood my greed for your need to work!

The most labor I've done is that infomercial--and we all know where that got me!

On your taxes next year, make sure you mark that "no one else can claim you." That will show that slave-driver of a mom you have! ;)