Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Georgia to the Rescue

Last night in the nightly game of chase between Gemini and Cheysuli, Chey had Gemini on her side. There was a small squeak or growl from one cat--it sounded to me like Chey--perhaps she was excited--and suddenly Georgia leaped off my lap and stood in front of the two with her front paws shoulder width apart, ears slightly flattened, but not so much to indicate she was threatened, but rather that she meant business. Had she been human, she would have had her hands on her hips and chin down down with her eyebrows raised and not smiling.

At any rate, Gemini took that moment to run under a chair slightly behind Geogia (but not directly behind her) and Chey decided to sit down, eyes down cast. Georgia stood there for a moment and I watched until I felt I wanted to get up. Then suddenly they were all in the kitchen with me as if the incident had never happened. I can't help but think that Georgia saw Gemini somehow threatened (though given that Gemini outweighs Cheysuli by at least two pounds now, I'm not sure about that threat) and stepped in to stop whatever was going on. I had to laugh at the posture. I also had to laugh that Chey looked like a child who had just been chastized.

I guess there's no doubt who rules the roost here.

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The Meezers said...

"The look" even werks on us poodins. Gramma Trixie gives us "the look" when we get wild wif our rassling. - Miles