Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Belle is my friend Kathy's chihuahua. She enjoyed chasing the cats around. The cats weren't pleased. Chey kept coming back down and looking at her and then allowing herself to be chased back up the stairs. Under the bed, Georgia hissed and growled. Belle's learned to stay away from her as she's gotten her nose swiped.

Poor Gemini was frightened by the dog and hid on top of the dresser, as flattened out as she could get. I should note that poor Gemini is twice as large as Belle...

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Kukka-Maria said...

I have to admit, I would probably devour that little creature! Mojo is scared of me--and he's a full-sized beagle who, if he only realized it, could take me down with a single bark!

I guess intimidation is truly subjective!