Friday, March 10, 2006

Questions for cat owners

Well, Kukka-Maria over at Feline Empress comes by to comment and through her blogs, I found The Meezers, so I am hoping that perhaps they or Socks and Abby at Top Hat and Tails could answer a question. If none of the known experts know, perhaps there's an unknown expert out there.

Cheysuli is my chocolate point Siamese and to be honest, she's a bit strange. Siamese, I know are not always like other cats but she's different from any Siamese I've had before. She loves to roll. She's not shy and just being submissive as she rolls around showing her belly. She's just enjoying the roll. She'll let me pet her when she does that and sometimes someone else. However she'll frequently do that when you can't get close to her so you can't pet her. It's almost like she's petting herself on the floor or the bed.

She's not at all submissive and she and Gemini jockey for position of beta cat (Georgia is the undisputed Alpha right now) and will no doubt duke it out as Gemini gets older and we loose Georgia for alpha cat. She is very confident around people, but she does have a few control issues--she likes to check people out but will always stay just out of reach until she decides she wants to be petted.

The rolling thing interests me. She'll sometimes roll right into the other cats and doesn't seem to care if they are around. As soon as I come upstairs if she's on the bed, she'll start rolling around and showing her belly and seems to love to be rubbed that way. I am really at a loss as to what that behavior means.


Kukka-Maria said...

I'm always on my back. For me, it's a way to show my mom that I feel safe and comfortable. Sometimes I roll back and forth and my mom says I'm using the floor to scratch my own back.

Brach has this thing about flopping over on his side in my mom's path when she comes home from work. He'll flop on his side and stretch to make his body as long as he possibly can.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Happy cat. Get both sides rubbed at once. I flop in front of my man and a) let him rub my belly or b) run away or c) bite, depending on my mood. I also roll on the carpet where there's been catnip, but that's another story.