Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Momma is Crazy

Momma was helping us type while we were all at the party and she had a guest. The guest who showed up (not invited to our party, mind you) said that Momma needs to get out more. She is having a virtual party from the point of view of her cat. Then the woman laughed at her.

I thought it was rather rude. After all, I like typing on the computer and just because some humans don't believe I can. Is this speciesism that Kukka Maria talks about suffering from? If so it's just mean.

Momma talked to a vet that works only with cats yesterday. I think I have to go in next week. I don't want to, but at least they'll understand my skills at singing and jumping and balance beam and blogging!


Maggie & Molly said...

I wouldn't worry about people thinking your momma is crazy. My momma says she knows that she is crazy and that she worries about the sane people, not herself and your momma should do the same (ha ha). Also I'm sorry I missed your party. Momma was gone all day and I can't get on the computer by myself. It looks like you had fun.

The Meezers said...

Your momma should not worry about people thinking she is crazy. Our mommy knows she is nuts and she doesn't mind either.

Wm. said...

Get out more? That person doesn't know what she's talking about! That would mean your mom would have less time with you, and where's the sense in that?

We're so sorry we missed your birthday. Sounds like you had a fun one! I thought I left you a message last week but maybe Blogger ate it? Sometimes that happens to me.

Zeus said...

First of all, anyone who thinks your human pet is crazy needs to sit back and reconsider. There is no one, feline or homo sapien, that doesn't have some special quirk to their personality or lifestyle that is slightly outside the norm.

Blogging cats may be hard to accept, but when you think of all the other things that have appeared online in recent years, I don't think it's too abnormal.

Kukka-Maria said...

I don't think your mom is specist, but she is guilty of surrounding herself with intolerant specists! My gram used to tell my mom that if she hung around SH*T, soon she would start to smell like it. Keep sniffing your mom to make sure she doesn't turn specist!

I actually overheard my own mother telling someone my blog was really HER creative writing outlet and that she really doesn't consider it mine.

What the...?! The nerve of that woman! Such hurtful things are said all in the name of self preservation!

Gemini said...

At least my Momma hasn't taken credit for our writing!

Victor Tabbycat said...

My mom has met people who couldn't understand why her cats have email and online friends. Why not?
Someone asked, "How do you find the time?" Then that purrson described driving all ofur the state to watch "basket ball." My asked, "how do you find the time?"!!
Mom says it's good, clean fun an could be much worse.

Bonnie Underfoot said...

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy efurry minute of it!"
So my woman cat blogs in two purrsonalities. So what? I like reading what my furry furiends are doing.