Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thanks for A good Party!

Thank you evfurryone for coming to my purrfday! It was so much fun! We had lots and lots of cake and fun hats to wear! Mine says "Birthday Princess" which I liked! Yea!

Lots of people came. The meezers, the calico girls, Scooby, Shaggy and Scout, Trixie, Fat Eric, Zeus and Isis, even though Zeus had ear problems. We were glad he came anyway. Just about everyone showed up and wished Trixie and Scout and I a happy happy birthday and I was glad that we all got presents and cake and ham.

Miles danced the hokey pokey with me and he also sang some karaoke.

We had lots and lots of ham. It was good the Meezers brought a 16 pound ham from their momma because Chey and Miles went a little hog wild.

See sometimes when Chey eats so much she gets tired...

Kukka Maria showed up in style.

Happy Go Lucky brought a pretty present.

Patches and Mittens also brought a lovely gift. Mittens and Grandma Trixie got along furry well and they had a furry nice nap together.
Fat Eric was able to make it and he was quite the king of the party. He danced with several of the ladies and then took a bit of a nap. It's a long teleport back and forth...
Sweet Abby brought gifts.
Georgia decided to dress up after a couple of glasses.
Not to be outdone, Brach dressed as well.
Sammy and Oreo got a game of touch football going.

Mia and Ghost came with gifts too, which was furry nice. Isn't she a lovely girl?
Grandma Trixie got to wear my hat because it was her purrfday too! She looks good doesn't she?
Zeus didn't feel so well, but he was still quite the party cat.
And so was Isis.

I didn't know that it was Scout's purrfday too so Momma got him a mouse. We got one for Grandma Trixie too. We missed a photo of Scout and the mouse, but here is one with Grandma Trixie.

I think it was a furry good purrfday because everyone seemed happy and I hope you all had a good time.

Momma would like to note that Brach's photo was downloaded from his Catster profile. The others were created at the party... :)! Thank you all!


Patches & Mittens said...

Oh, we missed Oreo and Kukka. Must have been napping. It was sure fun! Hope you do it again next year.

The Meezers said...

We hadded such a good time. And trixie says thank you for the mouse!

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

Oh, we're sorry we missed your party! Sounds like efurryone had lotsa fun! Happy Belated Purrthday!

DEBRA said...

Abby told me that she went to the party incognito...didn't even tell her Mom! Well I could tell my girl had a few too many niptinis! She was trying to cat dance with her brofur Jinx and he had no idea what got into her! Abby said she sure had fun at your Purrday party!

Abby's Mom

Oreo said...

Oh, it was so much FUN!!!! I hope you'll come to mine next month.

Kukka-Maria said...

You are so sweet to have portrayed me so beautifully.

While the disclaimer about Brach's picture was sweet, I would have just said you got the picture from the garbage can.

He and I are still fighting.

Victor Tabbycat said...

MOOOOOMMMM! We missed Gemini's purrthday party! Oh, Gemini, I'm sorry we missed your party. It was all Mom's fault - she's been werking late an efun werked on Caturday an nobody else would let me use the puter. Well, I still haf to say:
Hippo Birdy, Two Ewes
Hippo Birdy, Two Ewes
Hippo Birdy, Deer Gemini,
Hippo Birdy, Two Ewes!
...and many more!

Fat Eric said...

It was a great party Gemini, you and your sisters were lovely hostesses. I'm sorry I didn't get to see some of the later arrivals at the party but I know everyone had a wonderful time!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We had a terfiifc time at the party! And Socut says thanks for the Mouse!!! The ham was truly deelish and all the dancin' and nap pile-ups were fun! Thanks for hosting such a good time! -Scooby