Monday, August 21, 2006

A Better View

Momma was furry busy this weekend. I had to watch and it was quite tiring. There was so much to do.

On Saturday she worked in the morning and then she came home and took some dirt, which she called "compost" (but it didn't look like a post to me) to the back yard. Then she took a hoe and was out there in a small area behind the big trees hoeing and stuff and spreading down the post thing (which really didn't look like a post to me at all by this time). Then she came in and she and the Almost Dad talked a bit and they had dinner. I didn't share but I had my own dinner later. It was much better.

Then Sunday, she and the Almost Dad got up and they went to the front and they started digging up some big plants that covered over the windows. They were taller than the Almost Dad even! I can't imagine. She called the "roadies" but there aren't any roads there--that's out a lot farther. Anyway they moved one in the morning and then dug a big hole in the area she had hoed up before and put the post stuff. Then they were gone most of the day and then they moved another one and then they were tired. I had a late dinner 'cause it took them so long to move that last one.

I can see all the way to the road (maybe that's why she called them roadies?) now but there is one more to go. She says that will have to wait until next week. I'm glad she's done for the week so I get more pets and I don't have to keep running from window to window to keep an eye on her!


The Meezers said...

wow. that was a lot of werk!

Wm. said...

Why do moms do all that work in the yard and get all tired out? Don't they understand how unfair this is to us?