Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Special Days.

Well I think Momma is over the whole shave thing. I don't think she REALLY meant it. I think she was just worried that I would get to hot. She does think I need to have my behind trimmed so that icky stuff doesn't get stuck back there. I am a furry tidy cat though, so I don't know why she worries.

Congrats to lots of Cat bloggers on big milestones:

The calico girls for hitting 20,000 visits

Abby for her blogiversary

The Meezers are about to hit 10,000 visits!

I think I have a blogiversary coming up... Oh my! I missed it! It was August 11th that Momma started blogging about me! I took over just a few months ago cause she had lots of other stuff going on but I've been around OVER a year and I didn't even know it. Happy Belated Blogiversary to me!


Rascal said...

Meow, Gemini. I saw your nice comment to me on the Calico Girls blog and wanted to come visit you. You have a very nice blog. A belated blogiversary to you!!! (It was only 4 days ago)

DEBRA said...

Reow Gemini--

You been blogging 4 days longer than me!

HAPPY BLOGGerversary!!!

*ABBY (celebratin one year!)

Zeus said...

I'm sorry I missed your Blogiversary, Gemini! Happy (belated) Blogiversary! You were one of the very first blogs I actually started reading when I began mine, and I think it is great that you have stuck with it for so long. May you continue writing for a long time to come!

Derby said...

Concatulations on one year of blogging. Many more to come.

Kaze said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm glad you've been around so long and keep on blogging!

P.S. I'm really glad she decided NOT to shave you. You're so cute!

Sultanfus and Guy said...

Happy Blogiversary!