Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Changing Windows

Momma has really cleaned up the room where I like to watch birds from. Now there is no place for me to sit! It's disappointing, but I have gone to the next room where there isn't so much stuff on the window ledge and I can sit there and look out too.

I almost got in trouble because I wandered into my favorite window over the kitchen sink--the one that sticks out and I feel like I am in the yard--and the man was home and I'm not supposed to be on the counter. However, Momma said that I just did because Georgia was outside and taunting me and wanting me to watch her (and it was true!) so I didn't get in much trouble.

I have been a good kitty practicing for the cat olympics. I can't believe it's so close!


THE ZOO said...

well you just tell that ole man to leave you alone. you know what youre doing. an dthat window should remain unadorned just for you to lay in.

THE ZOO said...
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Patches & Mittens said...

Momma won't allow me on the counters either. She says, "you know where your pawsies were??."

We can't wait until the catolympics...see you when you teleport on over.

Patches Lady

Beau Beau & Angie said...

It's always nice to have a couple winders to look out of.

Kukka-Maria said...

Question: What windows are ok for cats?

Answer: 100% of them. All windows. All the time.