Thursday, June 29, 2006

Gemini's travels

I got home this morning and I napped and napped and napped. Wow! Traveling can be tiring! Still I had fun.

I visited Mistrie in the Big Piney Woods. Fortunately, Momma had read my blog and knew I was sneaking off and she packed water in my bags so that I didn't get too thirsty. I needed it because it was so hot there! We laid in the shade for awhile and had a good visit. She showed me some of her favorite haunts and we drank the water Momma gave us and nibbled at the treats. She is furry nice.

Then I went to the house and enjoyed the afternoon with Patches Lady and Mittens. We had fun eating the stinky goodness their Momma got for my visit and playing on the balance beam and Patches Lady gave me some good pointers for overall artistic components at the next catolympics. Then we all took a good long nap. I had dinner their and spent the night before heading off to Houston to visit Zeus.

His Momma thought I might be Phil at first, but then she saw it was just me and she was much more relaxed. Zeus showed me around his home but we stayed close to his home, even though he's a very wordly traveler. It was quite warm there too! He told me in depth about some of his travels around the country and I quite enjoyed it. We also had a good nap and then I was off to the Meezers for the evening!

Miles was quite nice and even let me have ham! I'm not a big ham eater so I only had a few nibbles and then made sure he got lots of it. I pretended to eat more so that his Momma would keep politely giving it to me and I would pass it to him! He's furry nice. Anyway the boys showed me how to play tub soccer and that was fun, even though I am not furry sure about the rules. I had never played before. Still it was fun. I showed them how good water can taste if you drop your catnip toy in it and let it soak...

Trixie and I had a nice long evening nap and then it was time to head home. I beat Momma because she got started visiting with a friend of hers and lost track of time! But it was fun trip. I didn't travel in cargo--I just teleported as I'm not nearly as brave as Zeus to fly in those big sky bird thingies that humans travel in! Still it was fun to get to learn all of this new stuff and I will have to teach Cheysuli and Georgia how to compete in tub soccer. Maybe we can be our own team next year!


The Meezers said...

we enjoyed your visit Gemini - you're a good tub soccer player.

DEBRA said...


Now you had an adventure worthy of Zeus!


Patches & Mittens said...

It was great fun to have you here Gemini. Sorry it was so hot. Mistrie said to tell you that you did great jumping on the log in the pond. She said not to many cats are that daring. Come again anytime!!

Patches Lady

Zeus said...

I really enjoyed having you visit me in Houston, Gemini! It was awesome fun having you romp around The House with Isis and I. The human pet said you were the best visitor - so polite and well-mannered. You're welcome back anytime!