Monday, June 26, 2006

Momma's leaving!

Momma told me she would be gone a couple of days this week. She is going back to her old job to see some patients there because her old office mate is in Portugal. That's a long ways away, she said. It's past where Fat Eric is! She knows, cause her old office mate's family lives around Penzance, which is probably south of Fat Eric.

Anyway that will leave me alone with the man for two half days and one whole day. I'm not sure how I will like that though. Georgia is not pleased because she'll be inside the whole time, pretty much and Chey doesn't care so long as she gets fed. I worry because I like my morning head rub that Momma gives me. Besides, I loves my Momma and I will miss her. She says it's not that many naps until she will be back though and she will be here all day today and part of tomorrow so she'll even help me blog!


DEBRA said...


We will say our purrayers for you...when my Momma isn't here to feel me I don't let the man do it. I think he would try to poison me.


The Meezers said...

It's ok Gemini - if you are feeling left out, just teleport to us and we will take care of you! - Miles

Zeus said...

Oh Gemini, don't worry! Your human pet has to do what she needs to do, but if you need a place to visit while she's gone, feel free to come on down to Houston! We'll play with you!

Patches & Mittens said... can come here too! We will keep you so busy the time will just fly........

Patches Lady

Fat Eric said...

Um...yeah, Penzance is quite a long way south of London...but it is not far away at all from where my Cornish Grandma lives! Say hello to my uncle Mick if you see him in Portugal.