Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Licking ears

Momma says it's not polite to lick her ears at 5 AM. I mean she was just lying there. Georgia does it to me all the time. And it was dirty. Momma Georgia told me how important it was to have clean ears so I was just helping out.

So why did push me away and pull the blanket over her head?

Maybe she is still tired from her adventures with Zeus?


The Meezers said...

i lick mommys ears all the time and she hates it too. she says she just hates getting her ears wet like that. if she hates getting her ears wet, how can she clean them? - Sammy

Victor Tabbycat said...

Nothin wrong wif that!
One morn at 4, I couldn't sleep an got Mom up.
The next morn at 4, I saw a bug on Mom's pillow an got her up, an she an Dad chased it unner the bed.
The third morn at 4, I just kissed Mom on the chin.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

I don't do the ear lick thing. I prefer standing on hair, pawing at the covers and walking across throats. Have you tried that? I've found it to be a successful strategy in getting them up.

The Crew

Patches & Mittens said...

Yes, clean ears and clean underwear..oh, no sorry, I am thinking of beans.

You said your Momma didn't know about Wally World. That is what the goofy people here in the Big Piney woods call Wal-Mart.

Patches Lady

Lone Star Purrs said...

I like to lick Momma's nose and chin. Then I rub my stink all over her, and when she gets up...she has little white furs all over her chin! ~Meeko

Oreo said...

Clean ears, dirty ears, humans need to make up they minds!!

DEBRA said...

Boo like to do the paw paw thing to Momma when she is sleepin' that and the kick kick rabbit kick. She is really fond of Momma's blanket.