Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What's that in the sky?

I sat all day in this warm spot on the floor. It was bright and well, quite sunny. It's been so long since I've seen sun, at first I didn't know what it was. Then my fur started to get all warm and I started to purr and I realized that this was sun and it was back!

Did you know that yesterday people just an hour north of us had an inch of snow? Just a few hundred feet up in our area there was a light dusting too! Imagine that in April! Remember, it never snows here.

Today there was sun. In two days it's supposed to be in the 70s, which is quite warm, I guess, but I never get to go out so I wouldn't really know. Still it's a very strange year. I hope that whatever it does that there is plenty of this sun for me to lie in. I like it.


DEBRA said...


Did yu dream of me while yu were nappin in the sunbeams? I knoo I dreamed of yu. It is furry nice here, but Momma is already werried bout those BIG wet storms dat come efurry year during our hot season. I heard her say that they are prediktin lots of dem. She werries bout how bad they can be. I fink I will go and purr on her and make her feel better.

Yur boyfriendcat,

Daisy said...

Hooray for sunspots! I love to lay in the sun.

Forty Paws said...

Oh we luf sunbeams!!! We're glad the sun came back for you!!! We hope you can lay in it again today!

Luf, Us

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh you are very very lucky! I really love the sun and its just not around today. Please purr in it for me!


Tara said...

Sunshine is the best! I'm glad you are getting some!

And I'm glad the Almost Dad took good care of you, even if he doens't like you standing on his head!


Dragonheart said...

Glad to hear you are having some sun! :) I love to lie in sunspots. :) I hope it stays sunny for you!

Merlin said...

Oh, I love lyin' in the sun!!! It makes me so warm and happy! But you know what I hate? Wakin' up to find the sun MOVED! I hate that.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We got a lot of that white stuff, but I have to admit, it was furry pretty. It is gone now and nice out.