Friday, April 27, 2007

Busy Weekend

Kaze and I are going to busy helping Chey address invitations. I mean there are over 10,000 of them. We knew a few people wouldn't come at all.

Anyway I have been resting up my toes because I bet they'll be tired.

Momma moved a bunch of dirt around today. It looks like a big litter box in the front yard and I want to go play in it. They are moving the dirt around so they can plant a lot of new plants and stuff. Georgia is quite looking forward to seeing what they plant. She is quite the outdoor expert. Of course, she hasn't been out much. She hasn't really wanted to go out much lately. Maybe if it gets nice like they say it will on Sunday she'll want to wander out while they are working.

Momma won't let Chey make Georgia work on the invitations. So Kaze and I get the brunt of the work. At least Kaze is fun.


Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

Wow, you and Kaze are going to busy! I hope you'll be sipping Mimosa's and nibbling on cheese nip on toast points! Have a girlie kind of day!

DEBRA said...

Oh yu and Kaze must have yur paws to da grindstone. Dat's a squillion in-by-tat-shunz! Hope yu don't get any cramps in yur toesies.

Finkin of my purrty Gemini while I sleep in da sunbeams.

Yur boyfriendcat

Tara said...

WOw, my paws are tired just thinking about it.

Have you picked out your bridesmaid dress yet? Is there going to be a rehearsal on Friday?


Tara said...

Sorry about the confusion on the dress....I'll blame it on Mom, she is not keeping up with everthing...

But isn't a week before the wedding a little late for getting out invitations....;-)