Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lilly Lu

The pink ladies are all rallying for Lilly Lu. We are dressing our blogs up in pink--but mine is already pink!

Anyway go say hello to her at her blog or at Mu Shue's!

Daisy offered us all lovely graphics but mine says it uploads but then I get a blank space where I uploaded it to blogger. I guess I don't get to do graphics!

Oh well, more room for purrs!

Oh Oh! Tara is also having a commentathon to help raise money to help Lilly Lu. Go by and say hello for Lilly Lu!


Daisy said...

I was having trouble uploading photos too. I am very worried about Lilly Lu, and I hope our strong purrs will make her all better.

DEBRA said...


Momma did a post fur Miss Lilly too. She wuz so furry sad as we are too bout Gizzy, and Bear and o'course Boo is beside herself about her friend Joaquin. It's been a furry sad week...all ofur..

Your sad little boyfriendcat

Lux said...

I'm going to go check out these graphics - thanks for the info!

Dragonheart said...

I am praying for Lilly Lu and sending healing purrs her way.

Tara said...

Thanks Gemini, for your comment for Lilly Lu, and for mentioning my commentathon, I've almost reached my goal!

Karen Jo said...

I am hoping amd praying for Lilly Lu just as hard as I can.

Kim and Oscar the Puppy Cat said...

I can't see your photo but the I guess you already explained that, duh! LOL! You're such a nice kitty!