Monday, January 23, 2006

Chey's Blog

Okay so Chey's blog on my siamese is coming right along. I'm rather happy with how easy it was to tweak the wordpress template that I downloaded and get a picture of her up.

Gemini isn't at all upset. I'm not sure that she cares one way or another that I write about her or not.

It's funny that all three of my cats are very alpha sort of cats yet they all get along well with each other. Georgia, the eldest is clearly the leader and the others look to her for how to act. I have read it's probably because she's the calmest of them. Gemini is sort of on the bottom right now but she's still basically a kitten. In Pam Bennett-Johnson's book on multicat households she says that when Gemini gets to be about two years old she'll be socially mature and then I can expect some heirarchy problems in the household.

Well something to look forward to huh?

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