Sunday, January 22, 2006


Wow, I just looked at my post numbers and this post is number 101. I can't believe that post 100 was so short. Still I've been busy busy busy with a hundred little odds and end that has made it hard to keep up blogging. I started this to have something fun to write on daily and to force myself to work over any writer's block and just write. Gemini and the others are always up to something fun and amusing it seemed like an easy way to keep up. Mostly that works but lately, it's been hard to sit down and do it!

At any rate, I now have a banner that I've been rotating through my blog surfers and I hope that's been fun for those who like Gemini's adventures. She helps out by sitting next to me when I'm online and snoozing. I hope to have a larger photo of her here soon so that everyone can see how big she's gotten!

Yesterday we shaved up her little furry bottom without incident. She wiggled too much for me to do it alone but it wasn't much of a hassle when I had an extra pair of hands. She's really a very good cat. Long hair though she has, she doesn't shed much which I find interesting.

Have a good day or week, depending on where the offline stuff takes me.. and to be honest a bit of a Civ III Complete addiction. MAC user, so that just came out... now that PC users get CIV IV! I'm so jealous! Gemini likes to watch the little guys run around doing their things...

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