Thursday, January 05, 2006

Of knees and cats

I took a hot shower tonight after coming home from skiing. My knee hurt and I thought this would be a nice thing. The cats decided to listen to the clock radio. While I was in the shower they stepped on the play button for the radio and suddenly there are people in my house. There I am, showering away, with soap in my hair wondering WHO is in my house as I don't recognize the voices talking...

Fortunately I did not injure my knee any more jumping out of the shower to see who was there. It was also fortunate that the cat who did this was no where around as I was quite enjoying my moment of deliciously hot water running down a very sore knee.

I'm sure that Chey and Georgia will be sorry that they aren't allowed on my legs tonight as I'm sore enough that I'm unlikely to appreciate any more pressure on the knee joint. Gemini has always been a sit near you, not on you sort of cat. Nevertheless, she is quite the little love bug!

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