Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm A tiger

You are a Tiger. You are very unique and rare.

What Cat Are You?
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Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

Oh cool! I am a tiger too!

Abby is a lion and Blackie is a house kitty...

~ Socks

Bonnie said...

Thanks socks and abby... I have to laugh. I found the quiz on your site! It guess this means you know you're getting read, huh?

Leon said...

I'm a tiger too. Meeeow! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Visit anytime!

Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

I am so happy that you visit with us. Mum doesnt let me 'blog', she says that she needs to, and that if I were to use the computer all the time, she wouldnt be able to.

It is nice to know we have friends!

~ Socks