Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hunger or Affection?

So the cats must have missed me while I was out today. Chey won't leave me alone. I noticed there was some food left in the dish when I got home and I'm thinking this must mean they really didn't like the food choice last night and they are hungry.

I find it sad that I think the only time my cats like me is when they are hungry.


Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

of my three cats, one adopted us, one is a shelter rescue and feral, and one is a Foster kittie. I know Socks (the first) loves me. The Foster kittie, Blackie loves me to. But Abby, me feral...well, she would rather hide under a bed than come anywhere near me. I wish she would feel comfortable to come up to me...but I guess it will take time and patience

Bonnie said...

Chey has been here since September so it's been awhile with her. I'm not sure why she's suddenly so affectionate.

You are right, it does take time particularly if they weren't socialized early on. Gemini is very affectionate with me but very distrustful of any other humans. She was a stray, semi feral cat but she was so young. I don't think she completely knows that I'm not a cat!

Great photos on your blog BTW.