Monday, January 16, 2006

Gemini Loves Georgia

I have always heard that when cats bring you gifts (ie dead mice or birds) that they are showing a sign of love and respect. After all, they are offering you first and foremost the chance to eat the fresh kill! Isn't that kind of them?

I have always tried to thank Georgia nicely for her presents when she wandered outside. Gemini has not been outside, but when I left this morning there was a foil ball toy in the bathroom upstairs. When I came home at lunch, Georgia was still in her spot on the bed snoozing, as she had been when I left and the foil ball had moved from the bathroom to by her head. Georgia might have batted the ball around, but she has never been one to carry around toys in her mouth. Gemini, however, does this regularly.

I can only surmise from this that Gemini found the ball and brought it up to Georgia to show her how much she liked her. Of course, she could have just been startled by the other cat on the bed and dropped the ball and it means no such thing. I prefer, however, to think that my cats actually like each other.

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