Saturday, September 16, 2006


Momma wasn't feeling well today so she gave herself an acupuncture treatment. She doesn't like to do that 'cause it's better if someone else inserts the needles, but she doesn't know anyone well enough here to come and give her a treatment just out of the blue. It was nice at the other place 'cause a lot of her good friends were people from acupuncture school who had settled in the same area and she could do that.

She first started putting them in and laid down 'cause she wanted to needle her tummy and Georgia came and laid on her legs. Then I laid down next to her. When she was done, Cheysuli laid on her chest. When it was almost time to take out the points, Georgia got up and left and I came over to pull them out with my teeth, 'cause I knew it was time to be done, but she stopped me. When she finally pulled them out, I left 'cause I am a big help pulling them out and she wouldn't let me!

Cheysuli left last. She had moved to Momma's legs when Georgia left. We all felt we gave her a good healing treatment and she thinks that it's too bad that many people wouldn't like it, 'cause 'catupuncture' would be sure to catch on.


one of us said...

You are one brave poodie pullin out sticky pins. But catupuncture sounds great ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO

Wm. said...

I think my sister already practices that on my mom. My mom doesn't like it.

Kaze said...

Well it wasn't fair you weren't allowed to help.

I help with needles too. Last week I pulled every single needle out of the Lap Lady's pin cushion. She was scared I ate one but I'm not stupid!