Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday Morning Report

Oh so I had a furry nice weekend. I could have liked to have pulled more needles out, but that's okay. Momma INSISTS she knows better than I do.

I watched the Amazing Race. It wasn't as good as The Amazing Zeus though. I waited and waited for them to give Zeus a cameo seeing he visited Seattle. Cheysuli didn't think they would 'cause thought they would have wanted her as well and no one had called. I hoped that she was wrong. After all, Zeus brought them tons of fame! His show was so well done and I'm sure there are tens of people who didn't watch the race before who are now watching it because of him.

I was quite distressed to see that TWO people got eliminated from the race on the first round. It seems like it could be a short show. They can't just keep eliminating people and still have something to watch. Of course, perhaps they will bring in Zeus!


Kukka-Maria said...

They'll find a way to stretch it. Maybe have shows where they are "continued" and no one is out. Perhaps they could bring another team back?

Hmmmmm...I'll ask Phil the next time we share a romantic dinner.

The Meezers said...

that just prolly means that there will be more "non-elimination" rounds later on

DEBRA said...

Momma has to go to bed so early she can't watch the talking box past 8PM...*sigh

She complains that she misses a lot of the talking box stuff. Me, I just miss sitting in Momma lap.


Zeus said...

Phil asked me if I had wanted to appear in the series premiere in Seattle, but I politely declined. I was a bit fearful of what would happen to me as I stood beside Phil as he announced, "Ready? Set? Go!" I mean, did you see those people and how they stampeded over the hill in the pouring rain? One of them nearly fell over, cracking his head on the pavement. I could have been killed!

Perhaps later in the season, I will try to help the teams. Phil says I could be a secret advisor, helping the teams figure out tough decisions. I might help change the momentum of the game in certain areas!