Monday, September 25, 2006

A busy weekend

Momma's been wanting to paint the living room for awhile. The man decided that this weekend was a good time to do it, 'cause it's only a couple of more weeks until they get the new window where I can look out and around and that way they won't have to worry about getting paint on the trim. So anyway they moved furniture and painted.

Cheysuli supervised from the stairwell. Georgia took the opportunity to nap. I snoozed in the sun from the window as it was a furry nice day. I did help Cheysuli supervise but we didn't get into the paint.

At first Momma thought it was too bright but then after the second coat it got much darker and more the color she as thinking it would be. The man had worried that the really dark color she liked would have been too dark so if he doesn't like the color she will tell him it's his fault that they got the lighter color!

Then that night, they rearranged the furniture so it will show off the new window better. I guess I will be the center of attention when it's in and I sit there and look out huh? Oh, the bad part about the wall is that it's blue. It doesn't match me at all!


Oreo said...

Paint?!?! Blech!

PS Gemini, I is ALWAYS ready for a nap!! :)

The Meezers said...

well, the paint will match chey's eyes, but it's not fair that it doesn't match you too. maybe they can paint anofurr room to match you.

DEBRA said...

There's a lot of painting and redecorating going on around the blogosphere.

Question is do you like the new color?


Lux said...

It sounds very lovely that when you sit in the window you will be framed like a work of art!

Latte said...

Blue is awesome though! Our dining room is "Naval Blue" its kind of like the blogger blue at the top....its really nice but some people don't like the really dark colors. Luckily the Chip Man listened to the Lap lady and he likes it a lot. We have nice cream trim to lighten it up.

Junior said...

It doesn't match you at all!? The least that they could have done was let you leave your mark on it!!