Thursday, September 14, 2006


I was laying around looking bored because Momma was going off to market herself (I hope she isn't sold!) and I was staying home. The Clean Lady with the noisy machine was coming by and I was quite worried about this.

Then Miles invited Mittens, who was having a furry hard time having a new cat in the house (I know about THAT) and he invited her over and then invited lots of cats to come by. So I went over there.

Mittens got to smell some of the fur that Miss Trixie left and she was pleased about that. We took a furry nice nap together as well. Miles and Sammy are the nicest hosts and I had a furry good day after all! And Momma was even home when I got back! I'm glad I went visiting.


Hot(M)BC said...

Visiting is fun. We're furry glad Mittens got to go sniff some Trixie fur. It was nice of Sammy and Miles to invite her over in particular. Glad you had a good time!

The Meezers said...

we hadded so much fun wif you and Mittens. Mommy says that you can come back anytime you want, 'acause you is so polite. - Miles

DEBRA said...


We missed the visit...we would've come ofur if we had known. We likes to visitin. Sounds like you had fun.


I likes to lick Momma's ears too! *giggle

Patches & Mittens said...

Wasn't that just too much fun! It was so good to see you!

You will have to come over when Momma has her operation.

Mittens Pollypaws

Zeus said...

It sounds like you had a terrific time, Gemini! Getting together with friends is always the best!