Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gemini speaks out on Cheysuli

Momma laughed at Chey. She thought that today was 'lection day here but it's next week but Cheysuli had already posted that on her blog. Chey got mad and bit her kneecap.

It wasn't furry nice, but that's Cheysuli. She always has to be boss and she hates it when people laugh at her (I KNOW). She can however be furry nice. I think there will be a Thursday 13 on the nice things Cheysuli does, but it might be a few weeks 'cause we will all have to brainstorm for a really long time.

You know, I was wondering yesterday why people weren't more like cats 'cause even though lots of cats don't like other cats, we mostly get a long and live and let live and I thought humans could learn from us. Then I remembered Cheysuli and she's furry much like a human. Maybe Siamese are closer to humans? I'm just not sure it's a good thing.


DEBRA said...


I fink you are onto somefink there. Beans ought to be a lot more like us. They could learn a lot from us.


The Meezers said...

oh poor Chey. I don't likes to be laughed at eifur - it hurts my feelings. Mommy laughs at me sometimes and I hang my head and look at the floor and she gets all sad and 'pologizes and gives me kissies. Maybe us Meezers are more sensitive? I don't know. - Miles

Kaze said...

Yeah, the Lap Lady says us Meezers are much touchier than other kitties, we get our feelings hurt easily.

But don't ever laugh at our horse sister! She gets VERY mad.

Wm. said...

I don't know it's so much Siamese as sisters. My sis Olivia bites my mom all the time and she doesn't even need to be laughed at to do it. And she's a torti. Or really a torti/troll mix.