Thursday, September 28, 2006

I had to Hide

Momma was working this morning and then the cleaning girl came in. She is furry young but she doesn't smell like my people so I hide.

Anyway she wasn't feeling well so she wanted Momma to pick up for her to clean! And then she wondered if she could just not clean this week--no charge of course, but this is the third time she's tried to get out of cleaning and Momma said no. We realize that with three of us kitties and the Almost Dad and Momma doesn't like to clean much that it gets pretty messy, but she does get paid to clean up! She can always charge us more if we are too messy for her.

Momma was not happy. She was going to work with Cheysuli on the new website and to edit photos for tomorrow but she had to clean up for the cleaning girl!

Then I didn't get a chance to blog. And now it's almost time to get out and play for the night! Oh well. I had a photo I wanted to upload to but Momma can't get into the Almost Dad's computer where they are, so we can't upload them.

It's just been a weird day so I think I will go nap until it's time to play when the sun is fully down and I've had some dinner.


Anonymous said...

Sleep tight, Gemini, and sweet dreams!

Wm. said...

That sounds awful, Gemini. I hope you all have a better day tomorrow. It's almost the weekend, too, so it's better already!

Junior said...

My Meowma hates to clean too, but she does it anyway. Course it is only me and her so it isn't to bad.

Have a nice nap!

Merlin said...

Poor Gemini, sounds like a bad day, hope today is better!

Latte said...

That sounds pretty annoying! Gosh, I can understand picking up clutter but not cleaning at all? That's silly.

Meowmy is our cleaning lady. She wants to not be though.

Kelly Cat said...

Cleaning ladies are supposed to do the cleaning. Hence the name, you know?

And Mommys are supposed to spoil cats. Anything that gets in the way of that is not a good thing.